Manga Fighter Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr.
Answered by the MangaFighter team

Onrpg had the chance to interview the MangaFighter development team about their brand new game and inquire some after the characters, fighting style and what else we can expect from this brand new fighting MMO!

Onrpg: What has changed since the closed beta?
We have made many changes to MangaFighter since the closed beta. All character movements have been smoothed out, new maps have been added and a practice mode feature has now been included. The overall quality of the game has been greatly improved.

Onrpg: Are there any game-play differences between the various characters?
There are of course many similarities when it comes to the game-play among the characters. However, there are also some distinct benefits and disadvantages that each character brings to the game. For example, Kuma (Bear character) is the slowest character, but at the same time he is the strongest one. The cat character, MiuMiu, is the quickest of the bunch, but has the lowest health. Each character has unique abilities that compliment the other characters.

Onrpg: How many different maps are there for players to choose from right now?
There are 7 different and exciting maps for our players to choose from. We just added the “City Front” map which is a medium-sized map, but plays like a large one. It is extremely intense with an environment that is unlike any of the other maps in MangaFighter.

Onrpg: Is MangaFighter a purely competitive game against other players, or are there computer controlled characters available to fight against?
MangaFighter has both elements in it. Players can certainly be matched against each other or they opt for play against NPCs (non-playable characters).

Onrpg: Can you tell us more about skill cards, and your plans for them?
We are extremely excited about the skill cards that we developed for MangaFighter. The skill cards offer the players special effects that they cannot get otherwise. The most exciting and desirable one is called “Battery Man”. This special effect allows a character to become a weapon-machine character. This feature is one of the strongest weapon plus character that a player can have for a limited time. We have dozens of skill cards available that players are able to get and use.

Onrpg: Can any character use any weapon, any item and any skill card?
No, certain characters are able to use certain weapons. A larger character such as Kuma is able to use a large weapon while a smaller character such as Hana cannot.

Onrpg: How often will players be able to experience new content, such as maps and game modes?
We have updates every two weeks. However, major updates will be made seasonally. We will constantly update our players with announcements on the MangaFighter homepage.

Onrpg: Will there be any sort of additional MangaFighter experiences to expect, like a comic book or something similar?
Yes, we are planning many things for the future. One example, is that players can expect a comic strip on the MangaFighter homepage soon. We are also working with a major anime company to be able to use some of their characters in the game.

Onrpg: What can players look forward to purchasing from the item mall?
We are hard at work developing unique items that players cannot get otherwise. As I mentioned before, our players can expect regular updates on the MangaFighter homepage in the announcement section.

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