Manga Fighter Interview: Fun, Crazy Combat

Questions by Vincent Haoson, Onrpg writer
Answered by Binh Tran and Shannon Pratt, Community Manager of Manga Fighter
In a game that centers around cute characters beating each other senseless with various weapons you would find it hard to think that a game like this would suffer problems especially when it comes to the population.
Of course the real world is totally different and that sometimes things do not always go according to plan. The people behind Manga Fighter have admitted to this and have given Onrpg the chance to get to talk to them and give us the scoop on what is going on in their world.
Onrpg:   With the game in operation for some time now how is the game faring?

At the moment there’s been a bit of a drop off in interest but we’re hoping to attract both new and old players back to Manga Fighter in the next couple months with our coming updates. With the coming updates, this should draw in more players and those that have taken a break. We think they will be pleased with the coming plans and we look forward to brining them new content.
Onrpg:  What were the recent problems you had to face regarding the game?

For a period of time, we had no updates and had to work with what we got. Now that we’re back on track, we have plans for a lot of changes coming. Some recent changes we added help out new players adapt to the game a bit faster and easier.
Onrpg:  There had been cases where the lag in a match can be quiet terrible how do you address this problem? What are the possible reasons why it happens in the first place and could you give tips to players so this would not be an issue in the future?

For lag, there can be many reasons. Lag can be caused by anything from a large amount of people being logged into the server at the same time to a poor internet connection to a few players who are experiencing major lag due to downloading while playing or many other reasons. We have been testing solutions with the server and different options we can take to decrease the lag and improve all latency issues. What usually helps alleviate lag is not running any other programs while playing the game and not downloading. A fast and stable internet connection speed is always recommended as it’s beneficial in many ways.
Manga Fighter

Onrpg:  What were the reasons behind the playable characters you have?

MiuMiu (cat), Kuma (bear), Ken (boy), Hana (girl), Sai (round head robot), Dr. Uru (square head robot),
We decided to use these characters because of the friendly, cute looks along with resemblance to anime characters. Each character has their own ups and downs for balance reasons and even their own funny taunts and animations. We wanted a friendly funny look to attract those that are interested in anime/cartoons. This gives the game a less serious and realistic feeling so players can enjoy the bright colors and fun games.
Onrpg:  Would you include a back story for the characters?

Ken and Hana are normal middle school students who are always making trouble together, Ken being the more intelligent one and Hana being the more active one. As the story goes, one full moon night Ken and Hana were accidentally brought to Pangaea, the fantasy toy world where toy’s souls are born and reside. The two animal characters are Kuma and MiuMiu. Kuma is a big Teddy Bear, but is very strong in both body and mind. MiuMiu is a slender Cat who exudes nothing but style at all times.  The two alien characters are Sai and Dr. Uru. Sai is a Space Probe agent from the planet Ulala who is good at research and survival and has built-in radar next to his head that allows him to scan any creature. Dr. Uru is a Space Probe researcher from the planet Ulala who is good at survival just like Sai is only his radar is on top of his head as opposed to being built-in.
Onrpg:  Would ken and Hana eventually leave Pangaea and get back to Earth?

The world may never know…
Onrpg:  Who is the most used character in Manga Fighter? Why do you think users prefer them among the rest?
MiuMiu is the most used character because what MiuMiu lacks in power it makes up for in speed. Although MiuMiu is the fastest character, MiuMiu is also the weakest character making it the easiest to kill. Brute strength is not the key in this game; strategy and team work plays the biggest role.
Onrpg:  How about the least used character in Manga Fighter? Why do you think so?

The least used character in Manga Fighter would be Kuma the bear. Big, strong, and slow is the game with this character. Mostly used by beginners because of the health allowing beginners to live longer. Being slow and big makes him an easy target to be singled out which is the down fall.
Onrpg:  Among the six characters you now have in your roster who can you say is your favorite? Why?

My favorite character is Ken. He is well balanced and very deadly. The best taunt available is available for this character making it even more fun to use. Recommended for beginners to get the hang of the game but also has a fair amount of health keeping you in the game. Not too slow but not too fast either. Your style of play adapts to the character and then takes over. From there on its instincts and experience.
Onrpg:  What do you think would be the selling point of Manga Fighter?

Fun, Crazy, Combat that’s free to play and a great stress reliever!
Manga Fighter

Onrpg:  What’s the most successful event you have had in Manga Fighter? Why do you think so?

The most successful event that we had would be the Xfire event we had a while back. This event allowed players to talk with the development team and our staff members for questions and suggestions they may had. Even off subject questions were answered and we all really enjoying hearing from our players. We gave out goodies to our players and selected a few to win a rare item that was designed for this event.
Onrpg:  Who is your target audience for the game? Why?

Our target audience is teenagers around the ages of 12-18. We wanted a younger audience because the older crowd is more into realistic games and not too many are into cartoons or anime. The younger crowd tends to like more intense and fast paced games. They are also into anime and cartoons more than the older crowd so Manga Fighter gives them a better feel and is more attractive to them. This matched up perfectly as Manga Fighter is an anime based game with a fast and intense pace. Blink for a second and you never know what could happen.
Onrpg:  Why did you choose melee weapons, guns, launchers and throwing weapons as your default weapon types?

We wanted to have varieties in weapon choices for each character. Being stuck with one weapon is never fun and having to run around to pick up weapons can be frustrating at times. Let’s start off with our weapons of choice and so we can focus more on the battle field. More focus can be kept on the battle field and you don’t have to focus on “where’s that rocket launcher?!”. Adding in melee weapons is a fun concept especially with different melee weapons available. We hope to add in specific weapon mode in the near future which allows players to create games using only specific weapon types (melee, guns, launcher, throwing weapons).
Onrpg:  Do you plan on including more playable characters and maps in the future?

We definitely have plans for a lot of changes coming soon. Unfortunately, we can’t say what they are exactly but we hope you stay tuned.
Onrpg:  What’s in store for Manga Fighter in the succeeding months?
We have some cool plans for Manga Fighter in the coming months. We hope to continue having these updates to constantly improve Manga Fighter and hope to attract a new audience to expand the community even more. Since we are now back on track with our plans and development, we really hope everyone enjoys the coming updates and the updates to come after.

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