Maple Story Interview: Maple StoryÂ’s 5th Anniversary

Maple Story Interview: Maple Story’s 5th Anniversary
Questions by Albert Delgado (Devi@nt), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Crystin Cox


Maple Story is a 2D free-to-play side scrolling MMO that is now one of the well-known powerhouse MMOs’ in the online gaming industries. With its quirky and friendly characters and player population of over 10 million (Global), there is no doubt in the fact that Maple Story is destined for even more success as it celebrates its 5th anniversary.


OnRPG: Hi, I am Albert Delgado (Devi@nt), an OnRPG’s journalist. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, my name is Crystin Cox and I am the producer for global MapleStory at Nexon America.


OnRPG: First off congratulations on yet another successful year with Maple Story! With Maple Story being in its 5th year, would you have ever imagined of being able to achieve such success the game has now from day one?

Five years is a huge milestone and we’re very grateful to our players for allowing us to get to this point; without them there really would be no MapleStory. Of course you always hope your game will last forever, but really five years is pretty astonishing even to us. It was clear from the start that MapleStory was fun, but we really had no idea how many people would be interested.  We are definitely glad they have been so interested and we look forward to five more years of Mapling!


Maple Story Cake And Pie


OnRPG: What celebration events will be expected throughout the month of May?

We have all kinds of events planned to celebrate MapleStory’s birthday. There are special quests, items, contests (both in game and out), and chances for users to level up twice as fast. We are hoping Maplers, both old and new, join us all month long!


OnRPG: With a new year of Maple Story coming around what, can players expect to be updated/changed?

There are plenty of big additions and changes coming to MapleStory this year. We have new classes, new quests, new items, new maps, and new events, but we haven’t forgotten about what is already in Maple World. Some big, long awaited updates are just around the corner. Players can check out our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more updates.


OnRPG: Besides the new dragon master classes; will there be any more new hero classes that will soon make their appearance in Maple Story?

The story of the legendary heroes reborn does not end with Evan. Maplers will get a chance to see the story unfold further soon, but heroes aren’t the only classes in Maple World. Users should expect to see a little more attention paid to the original classes, the Explorers, before any new heroes are revealed.


Dragon Master Class Evan Maple Story
Dragon Master Evan


OnRPG: When can the Global users expect to be up-to-date with others like Korea, Japan, and China etc…?

Each version of MapleStory is updated specifically for the region it services. We don’t consider any one version the “lead” version that all others are following. We share content between all the versions but a lot of different factors go into how quickly one region gets a specific update. We try to listen to our players to find out what they’d like to see first and even to develop new content just for Global. Of course, when one of the other regions gets something really great, we’d like to add it right away, but it does take time to localize and test new features.


OnRPG: The meet and greet GM event is coming up on the 14th, what do you hope to accomplish with the players in this event?

We want to offer our players more ways to interact with us directly. We receive all kinds of feedback from our players on our forums and through Facebook and Twitter, but we wanted to be able to answer question, concerns, and suggestions in real time for a change. It also gives us the opportunity to interact with our players in a more casual way. We hope that lots of players come and participate so we can do more of these events in the future.


OnRPG: I have noticed the certain increase in banned player announcements. Maple Story has always had issues with players operating various hacks. How are the efforts to keep hackers out and banned coming along?

Unfortunately, as the game becomes more popular there are more and more people that want to abuse it and our players. We are making more efforts than ever to find these abusers and remove them from the game. Of course, hackers are always coming up with new ways to exploit the game, so it takes a constant effort. Patrolling the game for abusers, and removing hackers from the game is very important to us and we want users to know we’re always working on it, that’s why we post the banned account list publicly every week.


OnRPG: With the success of Maple Story what are your future hopes and admirations in order to maintain the epic status Maple Story is commonly credited with?

Mostly I just hope that MapleStory remains a fun place. We will keep adding quests, items, maps, and classes, but it takes the players to make a community. Right now we have the best players in the world and my biggest hope is for it to stay that way.


OnRPG: Thank you for your time, and once again congrats on another successful year with Maple Story!

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