Martial Heroes Review:

By Jeffrey Kerkdijk (Hyarume), Onrpg writer
Martial heroes (D.O second edition) is a martial arts MMORPG developed by CR-Space. The game sets place in a unique ancient oriental world.  Where you can become a Martial hero!

The Martial Heroes

Instead of creating your own character you can pick a hero, the warrior “the Legend of Sword, Jang Moo Geuk” the assassin “Black Shadow, Heuk Young” the monk “Deung Hwa Gun” or the mage “Chen Master Ah Sung”. After picking one of these heroes and giving them the name you want to carry you can start the game.
Every hero has three weapons to fight with, picking one and specializing in that weapon is almost crucial for character development. Each of these weapons are familiar with fans of martial arts games. The fan which a mage can use, the sword, the lance  and of course the claws.
Each of these weapons has their own skills, and their own style of battle. Claws for example are very fast,   the Lance has strong physical attacks and the fan has stylish magic attacks. Pick the weapon that suits you the most and fight your path true the world of Martial Heroes.
The world is interesting you follow quests and these quests take you all across the land in this martial world. The quest are pretty much the standard type of quest but really force you into traveling across the lands. In the first 40 levels you will see all sorts of landscapes from hills to forest, from caverns to ancient temples, the game has no shortage when it comes to variation in landscapes.
There is a weapon upgrade system in the game but further more nothing that is really unique to the genre. Combat has a nice feel to it, it really feels like you are becoming a legendary warrior (or mage..) skill animations look great and feel powerful.  The skill design is awesome.
The game plays like your standard point and click game with martial arts skills, but at a faster pace. Fights can get pretty intense and It suits the game well.  Special skills such as the ability to run faster can be obtained for the ease when traveling. At higher levels this can be extremely fast.  This is a nice feature.
The game also has the well known “potion spamming” decease. Stock up your potions before you head out! And keep them spamming!

Graphics And Sound

There is no point of denying it, the graphics are old really old. Nevertheless for a game its age the game looks great, the style of the game can be seen everywhere and the lands are interesting enough to travel trough. But don’t play this game if you are a hihg-end graphics addict.
Sound is good enough, it really gives the game world the final touch. It just suits the game. The sound effects are also pretty old, but that doesn’t ruin the game.

Personal Recommendation

Martial heroes is a great game, there is enough to see and enough to do if you can manage to overcome the game flaws. The world is solid and there are plenty of new places to discover alon the journey through this ancient oriental land. The game does feature plenty of skills, a variation of classes but almost no customization options at the beginning of the game. In the final levels you will seem like clones to one another. But like I said before if you can overcome the game flaws that doesn’t matter.
The gameplay is where Martial heroes really shines, the combat system is solid and there is enough variation in the game, what I really like about the game is the martial art moves that came in the game. The game doesn’t feature as much styles to fight like as in Nine Dragons, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The game mechanics work just perfectly.
What amazed me is that a lot of people still play the game, after all these years the game is still growing strong. What really makes the game interesting also is the PvP aspect of the game, the game has a lot of guild versus guild PvP, and a revenge PvP system which allows you to teleport straight back to the person who killed you so you can take your revenge.
The game also has a Combo system, you can put a few skills together and you can execute them with one skill. With the total possibility to chain up 5 skills (at higher levels). This is very fun, this gives you a lot of combo’s to try out and see just how they will work out. I like this a lot because you can try to make combo’s with the most damage and use them in PvP.
Martial Heroes is a great game, it has a few flaws and almost no customization, poor graphics, old sound effects but if you can oversee those you have found yourself a great game.
– Great skill design
– Variation in landscapes
– Stylish martial arts theme
– The PvP system
– Graphics
– Sound
– Potion spamming

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