MEAD: Mysterious Message on RIFT Forums

MEAD: Mysterious Message on RIFT Forums

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist




There has been a lot of discussion on the RIFT boards recently about a post written by a mysterious new dev named 3 3228466 787. They’ve only posted 11 times but those 11 posts have caused more discussion than perhaps any other 11 ever have in RIFT. It all started in the General Discussion with a thread titled Nemo surdior est quam is qui non audiet. Contained in it was a poem, a puzzle for us to figure out. Nearly 32,000 views have been made, almost 400 posts all theorizing on what it all could mean. Even the dev’s name has a hidden meaning.



The voices echoed in chamber halls,
Through valleys wide and darkened den
The time has come for all to heed
For the flesh of Telara shall be rend

As an answer comes with great resound
The drums of war fill the bitter air
Three points the blade, but two edges bleed
Not merely one thrust for the bloody fare

The fog of war, blood bridle deep
The time is now, a chance to decide
Which song you sing, which promise you keep
To bear upon Death’s dear sweet bride

Growing seeds of domination born
All opposition shall give way
To an empire spanning from sea to sea
The iron Ram the only way

A promise given forever more
To conquer and to shed all fear
Never to rule, but born of war
The Lion’s vigil to protect those held dear.

The Raven’s consequence of a latter day,
Our destruction will meet no end
Telara is doomed by our ill born fate
Unless we continue to ascend.



Just a few short minutes after this was posted a post directing to it was made by “3”. It was titled There can be no peace and in the message there was a link to the original post with the following: ~”I’m coming.”~



Similar threads were started on the Public Test Shard and Dungeons & Raids, all of them directing people to this puzzle. It wasn’t long before the theories started. All sorts of ideas were posted which gave us the fifth post by “3”:



“Choices are the hinges of destiny”



…. To Protect

……. To Save

……… To Rule


What is your choice, Ascended?



The clues all seemed to lead people towards a third faction, or certainly at least 3 faction pvp. But if there were a third faction, who would it be? Crucia was the first thought. But no, “3” turned that down in his/her next post:


There is no Crucia. There is only



The next few posts done by “3” were all a series of numbers, obviously a code. After a day of speculation there was an official announcement, testing of a new pvp feature. Details on it are few; right now they need bodies, and a name. Our good friend “3”, in his/her last post suggested the name “the Mysterious”. All of this has only fuelled the conversation on the original thread.



Now, normally I would throw Ardua at it and he would devour it out of a love of all things mysterious, but since he’s busy with his first weekend of The Secret World beta coverage I’ve gone out into the world to ask people what they think about it.



Foghlada, the leader of Gaiscioch, on Faeblight, “3 Faction PvP, phone cipher, classic.“


Ferox of Hammerfist Clan on Faeblight, “Crazed dev left a Nostradamus-like poem, maddeningly ambiguous. “


Sherplunk of Threesprings: “ If they’re adding a 3rd faction just to create RvR zones it seems like a waste IMO, just will split playerbase up more”


Mnm of Millrush: “Its PvP related and there’s a PvP patch coming to the PTS soon….and I love these kinds of ARGs.”



It would seem minds are pretty well made up on what it is all about, but naturally details aren’t being confirmed or denied by the devs. Only time will tell what it is all about and what details we’re missing. If you want to read all the theories head on over to the discussion on the RIFT forums:



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