MEAD: RIFT Carnival of the Ascended Week 5

MEAD: Carnival of the Ascended Week 5



There are hardly any signs of a party left. A few wagons are left in the big cities and a few of the merchants remain. The world has broken out into a complete warzone. You can’t travel from one town to the next without coming across troops getting ready for war. People from all over are asking for you help.




This week’s quests all reflect the state of war we see ourselves in. The big number quest is to kill the enemy faction. So are the quests for the doubloon, the pvp quest and the raid daily quest. Though the raid quest is more than just confronting the enemy, you actually stand face to face with the leader of the opposing faction. They don’t go easy on you just because you have a pretty face. If you aren’t careful they stomp your face in fast. Continuing from last week there is a quest to kill two saboteurs who are hanging out near your capital city making trouble. The crafting quests are also a repeat of last week’s. Making supplies for the troops. The pvp quest to kill 10 of the enemy faction remains as well. The large number quest to unlock the title this week is a huge number and only certain NPCs are counting towards the quest. From what I could tell reading the forums this is not working as intended and a patch will be coming to fix it, hopefully.



The most important thing about this week is something we have been waiting all month for! We can finally buy those awesome mounts! Sure, some of people were able to get them last week but for the majority of us we had to wait until this week until we had enough doubloons to get the mounts. Of course the hardest part was figuring out which of the awesome mounts to go with.


This week is all about war. A war that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. You don’t have to be a pvper to enjoy it. Though having a few friends to help with the various quests is suggested as they are hard this time around!

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