MEAD: RIFT Carnival of the Ascended Week Six

MEAD: RIFT Carnival of the Ascended Week Six

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist

Did you take advantage of that extra week of phase 5? I did. Getting myself ready for 1.8, making sure I’ve bought everything I want. Oh yeah and destroying some more Guardians because why not? We’re at war with eachother. At least we were. Now we’re just a few days into the final phase of the Carnival of the Ascended event. And the war that was breaking out has been halted. Why you ask? Because everything has changed. The planes of Earth and Fire have come out in force. This is all part of the build up to 1.8 which is only days away at this point. But before we say hello to 1.8 we have a final week of the 1.7 event to get through.


This week the quests have gone back to what we would consider more traditional. The pvp and crafting quests are gone. Though they were enjoyable and I hope we see them again. We still have the traditional daily quests, the one off quest for a doubloon and raid quests. The battle with the opposite Telaran faction is long forgotten as two planes assault the forces. One contact even makes mention of the fact that in a way we are fortunate that the troops were already gathered. Of course as an ascended we are asked to do much more than any other. Defeating generals, defeating rifts from the plane of fire or earth and helping your entire faction take on zone wide invasions. The faction wide quest has been at least partially broken which is why the number needed is set to a rather low 60.

Merchants and Money

This is the last week the carnival merchants will be available. That includes the currency converter merchant. So now is the time to get all those awesome things before they go away. Or even get some old things. Not that the event merchant is going anywhere. But the access to more currency is. In addition to that important news, a new merchant and currency has made an appearance in phase 6. This new currency, Molten Gold Ingots, will be prominent throughout 1.8 so start gathering it now! So far the merchant seems to just have a bunch of runes and planar essences but who knows what else will come out in the next few weeks.

The lead up to 1.8 is killing me. I am so excited to try out all the new things coming our way. Admittedly the fishing is my favorite thing announced so far. 1.8 is already looking to be more amazing than anything Trion gave us in the first year. The Carnival of the Ascended has been a great way to start off the second year of RIFT. And it only looks to get bigger and better from here.

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