Mead: RIFT Celebrates Week 2 of the Carnival

Mead: RIFT Celebrates Week 2 of the Carnival

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist




Last week it was all about the games. Well it is again this week in Telara! With even more exciting games to play worth even more than the previous ones. If you weren’t playing them last week then maybe you were helping get the supplies needed for the balloons in the parade. Well the balloons are finished now and it is time to party!




The same games we had last week are back! The horse race and ring toss are worth more this time around while the balloon stomp has stayed at the same reward level. This is to encourage people to play the other games and not farm out the tickets like it was so easy to do previously. Don’t get me wrong though. You can still do it, but I don’t see as many people playing it these days as I did the first few days of last week’s event. In addition to the games we had last week there are a few new ones on offer for all to enjoy. All of the new games seem to be located in Shimmersand and the first one I came to after zoning was the fashion show. And it really is just like it sounds. You walk down the catwalk and are judged by the audience. There is only one winner but in the end everyone gets the same prize.




On the next boat over where you see a huge crowd of people is the roulette table. The rewards are fantastic and scaled depending on how much you bet. I haven’t won any money yet. Though I’m sure if I keep going back I’ll win eventually, right? On the same boat, quite near to the roulette table in fact is a good old fashioned drinking game. Telarans sure do like to drink. It seems my little Eth could drink a Dwarf under the table with how she goes! And that’s a challenge I’m willing to take up. So if you see me running around Faeblight challenge me to a drinking contest! What’s the worst that can happen? The last game is another Telaran tradition. A race. This race is mounted and takes you around the port town of Fortune’s Shore. It isn’t easy with all the slow fields in your path but it is fun. As ever though lag is the enemy. That and being terrible at racing like I am.




As I said before the balloons are done. But balloons are fragile, especially against trees and planar creatures. So the balloon makers are asking for more help. This time they need supplies to patch up holes and keep the balloons intact. Sure it’s the same quest as last week just with a different name but its fun and rewarding! Especially since most people do crafting related things on a daily basis anyway. That mean old giant number is back again (it’s actually 100,000) but this time you need to gather cores. As with last week’s quest that was quite similar, it is possible for a faction to fail at completing the event. If that happens then the faction doesn’t get the title for this week unlocked in the vendor. At the carnival in Shimmersand one of the guards asks you for a favor. He asks you to beat up some guys giving the other attendees a hard time. He would but it’s against the rules and seeing as you’re an ascended…well, no one is going to question you, right? It was easy enough to do since a bunch of us were looking to do it at the same time but the quest dialogue made me fell a bit sleazy for agreeing to do it. Of course I had to do it though. That’s the quest that gives out your one doubloon for the week for the all important mount!




The quest to re-enact scenes from Telara’s history is back again this week and well worth the time and effort put in. That is of course assuming you have a good team waiting for you. I saw someone yesterday get two plaques of achievement, a rare artifact, and a few coins on top of it all from one of the boxes of random artifacts they got from doing the re-enactment rift.



Another event you shouldn’t miss is a travelling parade making its way through the zones of Telara as a zone event! There are all sorts of rewards and fun to be had during the parade. Though finding one may prove a bit difficult. They don’t seem to come around very often. So if you know where one is happening don’t miss it! It could be hours before another one comes around.




Just like last weekend where there was a 25% bonus given for…well just about anything! This weekend is being called Warlord’s Weekend. So what does that mean?



That means an amazing 50% bonus to Favor and Prestige from kills. That means it is time to get out there and kick some Guardian (or Defiant) behind. Yep. PvP weekend. And if you haven’t already, this gives you the perfect chance to try out the new mercenary system. What’s that you ask? Well, sometimes getting enough people together to pvp properly can be a bit tough. With the mercenary system you can get a little help from the other side. Which makes kicking some rear even easier. I plan on running Port Scion until I’m blue in the face. It’s the best way to get some new armor in a hurry!



This is also the week of free Rift for everyone! It started on March 8th and will be running until March 14th. During this week you aren’t restricted by level like you would be if you’re playing Rift Lite. But, if you do play past level 20 and don’t pay for an account those characters who are above level 20 will be locked until you either subscribe or another one of these free weeks comes along.



If you’ve missed it, Trion has been talking a lot recently about looking ahead to 1.8. And there have been some amazing videos. All of which I would love to talk about now but there just isn’t enough time! At the end of the 1.7 event I’ll give a review of all of the videos and all the new information that comes out.



Enjoy the carnival!

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