Mead: RIFT Celebrates Week 3 of the Carnival

MEAD: RIFT Carnival Week 3

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist




We’ve been partying for two whole weeks now! I don’t know about you but I’ve never partied this hard in my life! Telara is starting to see what happens when you do nothing but party. People are getting sick from drinking too much, some are getting injured. I can only imagine more than a few drunk Ascended have walked off the boats in Shimmersand by accident. All the drinks going around have lead to rowdy groups harassing carnival goers and even people just wandering around the main cities. To top it all off the Guardians (or Defiants) are ambushing parades! It really is starting to look like this party has gone on too long.




All of the games that were in phase two are back again for phase three. This includes the roulette game which was removed early on in the last phase. ExcelsiorH (Daniel Steamer the Lead Content Designer for RIFT) explained on the forums that it was taken down because players had found a way to avoid losing their ticket when they didn’t win. This effectively meant they could pay to play once but keep playing until they won no matter how many times they lost. There was also a rumor going around that one number was unnaturally lucky but I never saw this confirmed.



Either way, it is fixed and back for us all to enjoy. Or lose our fortunes to. In just a few minutes I managed to plow through a whole plat worth of tickets, and I never won once. Of course all around me people were winning constantly! So I know it does work, I just have terrible luck. More good news on the game front is that the drinking game and fashion show now both count towards the daily quest to play three games.




This week there are a bunch of new quests. They even expand into another portion of the game that has until now been ignored in the event, PvP.  The PvP quest has you killing ten members of the opposing faction because they’re troublemakers. Speaking of troublemakers they seem to be everywhere. You can find people causing trouble on parade routes. Defeating them is a three man job and this week’s quest for the coveted doubloon. Not only are people making trouble they’re going around drunk all the time. In one quest you’ve been made a deputy and go around the main cities arresting any drunken citizens before they cause trouble.



The crafting quests this week involve making supplies to help a triage station that has been set up for those that have partied a bit too hard. The big number faction quest for this week is dealing with those pesky trouble makers around the main cities. There have been complaints that the smaller shards haven’t been able to complete these quests and thus aren’t getting the title unlocks. Several of the devs have addressed this on the forums. Elrar, the Community Manager has said that this is something they’re keeping a close eye on but not to expect them to just give out the titles without any effort. Also the titles will be available again next year if you don’t get them this year.



Changes and News

So as things have progressed there have been some changes and some announcements. Since I don’t go on the boards anywhere near often enough I am only learning about them now. And so I pass them on to you.



First off the boxes of artifacts that have been an insanely popular item have seen a price increase, a big one. They originally cost you a very small and worthwhile 10 tickets. But partly due to people farming tickets and partly due to them being so profitable (potentially) they have been raised in price to a shocking 100 tickets. Sure, this puts them in line price-wise with the balloon pets but the prospect of grinding tickets just to buy one or two boxes is daunting to say the least. That’s not to say I’m against the increase, I just think it may be a bit high. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t even have all her balloons yet.



Ultra thin hides now drop slightly less. To be honest I have no idea what this means or even why. All the other skills allow for a simple 1 for 1. Possibly it is because things that are butcherable tend to hang out together and thus make it a bit easier to complete? I’m not sure one way or another. I just know those hides are needed in the triage stat.




The last week has been a free week for returning and new players to try out the game. It was great to see some old faces. A huge thank you to @Groked who gave us control of our guild. We will take good care of her. I hope that many of the people who came back to give it a try will stick around for more. RIFT has changed a lot and there are more changes coming. I didn’t do nearly as much PvPing as I said I would last week. And only did one Port Scion, it just wasn’t popping for me.



This weekend, March 16th to March 18th, is the Dungeon Master’s weekend. (So hug your DM, you know they deserve it!) During Dungeon Master’s weekend there will be a 50% bonus to Plaques of Achievement and Marks of Ascension. I don’t do many dungeons so this will hopefully be the perfect chance for me to try out some of the ones I just haven’t managed to get to yet. That’s most of them so it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll manage it. After this weekend there will be only one bonus weekend left before we return to normal life. Not that life in Telara is normal in any sense. On top of it all RIFT is offering a sweet deal on subscriptions for the remainder of the month. Party hard Telarans, and if partying isn’t your thing at least you can dance.


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