Mead: RIFT Celebrates Week 4 of the Carnival

Mead: Week 4 of the Carnival of the Ascended

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



The party is winding down. A shady vendor has set up shop selling everything from pitchforks to broken bottles. It’s pretty clear that despite several weeks of a world wide party that could have unified the two factions the wedge between them is growing once more. No one side can take the blame. Too many drinks were had, men from both sides thought it was a good idea to harass the other side. Now there are rumors of an all out war. Soldiers are training on both sides. Any with crafting skills are being asked to make armors, potions, weapons and other supplies for the front lines.




With the carnival coming to an end and war looking likely the daily quest to play games is gone. The games are still there though so don’t panic just yet! There are just more pressing things to do than to play games. Silverwood and Freemarch have saboteurs scatter throughout the zones on the parade routes. You’re asked to put a stop to them. It takes 10,000 of them for each faction to unlock the title for the phase. This also counts towards a daily quest and the doubloon quest for the week where you go up against master saboteurs. The PvP quest from last week to defeat 10 of the opposing faction remains available for people to take. As with the entire event so far there are quests for crafters as well. This time you’re gathering supplies, making armor, weapons, potions…you name it they need it. Why? They’re preparing for an all out war.




There isn’t really a whole lot to talk about this week. I imagine a lot of people, like me, are starting to feel a bit worn out from all the partying. For some reason I was under the impression last week was the last chance to play games. So I played hours upon hours of games to make sure I got all the balloons. And I did! So now I can just relax this week. Well as much as one can relax when preparing to go to war. This is also the last week to take on the piñatas that have been scattered through the world. Previously some people were able to get two doubloons in one week. This has resulted in these people already being able to buy the mounts. I saw the horse in Meridian and I have to say Trion has really outdone themselves this time. It looks even better than the pictures. For the rest of us who have been keeping up with the weekly quests we will be able to buy them next week.




This weekend is the last bonus weekend and they saved the best for last. This weekend (March 23rd to March 25th) get a 50% bonus to all XP and Planarite. And when I say all XP I really mean all. Guild XP, Planar Attunement XP, and the good old fashioned XP are all included. The only catch is, as it has been all month, the XP is from kills only.



This has been a great celebratory month for RIFT and though the event isn’t quite over yet much of the focus is on looking ahead already. Update 1.8 is just around the corner and it looks to be the most exciting yet. Happy Birthday once again RIFT. I hope to have many more wonderful years with you.

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