MEAD: RIFT Summerfest 2012!

MEAD: RIFT Summerfest 2012!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Summer has come to Telara. The flowers are in bloom, little creatures wander the fields and fishing is the favored pastime. Even Telara’s geekiest resident is out enjoying the sun. Or well at least he’s out in it. Which I suppose is a start. Next step for him is getting a girlfriend. Anyway, its Summerfest in Telara. That means quests, achievements, things to buy and fun to be had.




Every event in Telara has quests. The major quests this time around are the scavenger hunts. Being given a clue and sent off to find where that clue leads you to. There are the quests for the fishermen and women out there to craft lures and catch special Summer Sunfish. And for the survivalist in us all after we have caught those fish we turn them into Po’ boys. For those of us who have the Ascend-a-Friend companion and mount we can also take part in Dog and Pony shows.



Completing the quests gives you one of two types of currencies this time around. There are the friendship bracelets which are rare and limited and there are the merit badges which are quite common. You will only be able to get six friendship bracelets on one character this year, but there are well over six things to buy for them. This means one of two things. One, you accept that you won’t get everything this year and that you’ll have to wait for next year. Or two, use your alts to get more bracelets for your mains. Neither of which are really all that appealing to me to be honest. And there have been a lot of people on the forums who agree.


There is also the problem that you can’t transfer bracelets from one character to another so you have to buy the item on your alt then ship it over to whoever it is intended for. Being the completionist whore that I am and the fact that I love adorable things, I am going to end up spending the time grinding out the bracelets. It does leave me wondering though if next year when the summer event rolls around am I going to regret doing it because I have all the accessories already? I suppose only time will tell.



The life weapons which were previously available via the world merchant are back, but this time they are available via the merits. In addition there is an Aelfwar outfit. On women it looks a bit like a night dress to me. But that isn’t going to stop me from wearing it. There also is the usual variety of planar essences. In addition six titles are up for grabs and a couple of companions that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Unlike the ones I’ll talk about soon.



There are nine achievements to get during this event. Most of them come from completing the various parts of the scavenger hunts. The others come from either catching 100 Summer Sunfish, squishing 300 bugs doing the daily quest, or completing 20 Summerfest quests.



As I said earlier there are a couple of companions which are available via the merchant. They’re adorable, but not what I’m going to talk about now. There are 11 new companions out in the world, one in each of the main zones. What is so special about these is that they’re trappable. If you see one running around a trapping icon temporarily appears on your screen. If that sounds like a little too much work you can also spend 500 merit badges for a box with a random companion inside.




In the beginning of the event there was a lovely, very well done maze in each of the major cities. Inside this maze were the merchants and the quest givers. After Trion received many complaints about the maze messing with camera angles and getting people seasick from glitchy sudden camera movements, they decided to remove them. I’m sad to see it go. I really liked the maze once I figured it out. I think people missed the point of the maze and possibly the point of the entire event. The idea is to slow down and enjoy life. Enjoy the downtime because tomorrow, well tomorrow you may be sent out to die. Now I think the event area of Meridian looks sad and naked, because people couldn’t just learn to slow down. I really feel bad for the poor person/people in Trion who spent who knows how long crafting that beautiful maze.


As with all things this event seems to be having its share of ups and downs. But overall I’m looking forward to a relaxing summer in Telara. I just hope nothing happens to ruin the summer fun…like a dragon to the face.

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