MEAD: RIFT’s Clericgeddon

MEAD: RIFT’s Clericgeddon

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



The idea was simple. A five man static team, all clerics, all souls covered. We had every variety of Cleric you could imagine. We named ourselves Clericgeddon. We were easy mode. In every MMO I’ve played after Everquest I have had at least one static team. The idea of them has just always appealed to me. It actually took me a surprisingly long time to suggest a static group in RIFT. I was happy on my main, who happens to be a Cleric.



The idea came to me after I had seen a bunch of people talking about how unfocused and useless clerics are, except as healers. As someone who has loved Clerics from the start I knew this just wasn’t true. So I came up with a way to prove it. After our fifth person backed out we were left with just four of us. But that actually worked out in our favor. This way we were able to each pick two souls that complimented each other that the others didn’t have. Then our third soul was one that someone else already had. But it was set up in such a way that a soul wasn’t present in the team more than twice. This ended up working really well for weapons too.



We had our tanky Cleric using a two handed hammer and getting himself right in the fight. He also got himself into trouble more often than not unless the rest of us were there with him. I was more ranged attacks and preferred the book and sword route. There was another two handed hammer user. Then there was my partner in crime who could never decide between staff and mace/shield.



So you might be wondering, how well did it work? Happily I can say fantastically, if everyone was on the same page. Because we had varying ranges and melee people have minds of their own it was pretty easy for us to get split up. And when that happened we died fast. But if we were all together, all focused on one fight. Well that fight never lasted long. We were beasts.



We even had crafting set up so between all of us we could craft anything while having plenty of supplies as well. Everyone had at least one crafting ability and one gathering ability.



Our one and only dungeon attempt went a bit poorly sadly. Our tank had somehow managed to get behind us in levels. We think this was due to him not taking a few quests but to this day we aren’t sure. Anyway, we couldn’t heal him fast enough. And when he got into trouble it was deep. So we just called it a wash. We declared we would go back someday and be as awesome there as we were in the rest of the world.



Sadly that day never came. And the static team suffered from what every static team I’ve ever been in does, real life. Sure, real life is unavoidable. And sometimes you just don’t see the bad stuff coming your way. All it took was for one of the four of us to not be available as often and things started falling apart. Two of us wanted to play more, one of us who lived on the other side of the world just didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to it anymore. And so we collapsed. We hadn’t even made it through Freemarch. But what a beautiful idea it was while it lasted. Will this experience make me shy away from static teams in the future? No way! I’d love to do another static team in RIFT. Another gimmick of sorts. All I need is an idea and some people to do it with me.

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