MEAD: Shut up and Take My Money!

MEAD: Shut Up and Take My Money!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



This week Trion released a beautiful new mount in RIFT, the Armored White War Tiger(that’s a mouthful) that has been brought over from the Korean servers for our enjoyment. Much to my surprise though there seem to be a lot of mixed feelings about it. Some people are screaming doom, some saying it’s too expensive and some saying shut up and take my money. Now, I’m not going to say what boat I’m in. They all have some valid arguments and they all have some that make me roll my eyes.



DOOM! The next step is a cash shop!!!!11

The leap from the occasional (quite rare) sale of a mount and collector’s edition of a game to a cash shop seems like a pretty big one to me. But it seems to be one a lot of people are making. First off I don’t think a cash shop is a bad thing. What makes a cash shop bad is what is put in it. I think most of the Internet will agree with me when I say pay to win is bad. But that’s not what we’re talking about. Mounts are cosmetic. There are plenty of free mounts in the game that you’re never at any great disadvantage if you don’t buy one. I spent the extra money at launch to get the digital collector’s edition. I wanted the mount, the special bag and everything else that came with it. As it turned out in those early days so many people did the same that anyone who didn’t have a mount was at a slight disadvantage. But those days are long gone. If Trion did release a cash shop for RIFT I would trust them to do it right. They haven’t let us down yet.


OH EM GEE I have to pay for it!?!

This I will say bugs the crap out of me. Some poor soul spent who knows how long making something beautiful and you complain because it costs money. You want something for nothing? The world doesn’t work that way. And the argument that the subscriptions should pay for things like this doesn’t hold true. Subscriptions do things like pay the bills. You want something special? Be willing to pay for it or not have it. And that is true not just for MMOs but all of life.


$15 is too expensive…

But $5 on a single cup of coffee every day is just fine. I’m not saying that everyone who is saying the mount is too expensive drinks expensive fancy coffee. I’m talking about the value of the dollar. Lets talk math for a moment. Let us also pretend for a moment that you only play RIFT for a year from the moment you buy that mount. That mount is costing you less than a nickel a day. Most people won’t even bend down to pick a nickel up off the ground if they see one. Four cents a day for a year. Worth it yet? How about after 5 years? That mount is costing you .008 cents. Does it look like a bit of a big investment seeing it all in one clump? Sure, maybe. But when you think about the math it’s actually a fantastic deal.




It is a beautiful mount. Really truly is. The fact that it doesn’t make any noise while moving just adds to the beauty. Cats are stealthy after all. Though I’m not sure what happens when you add armor to the equation. I’ll test this out on my cat later. But it bothers me when people blindly buy something (or don’t) just because a certain group of people made it. I even saw on the forums some people saying that they weren’t all that interested in the mount but they bought it (and so should you) because it supports Trion. Vote with your money people! If you don’t like it, if you think it costs too much, don’t buy it. The implication it gives is that you do want it and it is priced properly. But if you do really love it do buy it. And do go on the forums and express yourself. Because if you don’t it will end up being a sea of complaints because the negative talkers are always the loudest.



So this article turned out a little bit different than I had planned it to. It can also be applied to a lot of things in life and all of the MMOs. The most important things to take from this are that the mount is beautiful, people vote with their wallets, and you need to express your views no matter what they are. I think it also needs to be said somewhere that devs need more hugs because they work hard for you entertainment. So if you know a dev, hug them!

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