MEAD: Storm Legion Mage

MEAD: Storm Legion Mage

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist


Storm Legion is coming. When exactly, we don’t know yet. But we have learned a little bit more about what to expect. Last week I got the chance to talk about the new lore that had been released. About times long since gone and an army we cannot even begin to understand. This week is something a bit more current in the Telaran timeline. One of the four new souls coming in Storm Legion, the Mage soul.


A teaser image was released and it really got the community talking. Talk of melee, two handed weapons and time travel bounced back and forth. And when it was finally time for the reveal thousands of people showed up. Over 3,000 at the very least for anyone interested in keeping count. And so we learned about the Harbinger.



The Harbinger is skilled at close combat. They transform their staves, swords and other weapons into deadly bladed weapons They’re experts at dealing with single targets but somewhat lacking when it comes to AoE. But then, that’s what the two other souls are for, right? They’re more survivable than the average Mage.


So what are the powers like? Well, a lot of them are your average hack and slash. Have blade will slash. We also got to see Elrar charge into a fight much like the other classes can. The armors have unique abilities which allow cast times to be reduced for other abilities. Not all the abilities are about hitting and getting hit though. You are just a Mage after all. You will also be able to dodge and parry while also absorbing damage and having a self heal. And if all that wasn’t enough you can also break crowd control. They focus around air and light damage. Air being an overarching theme in Storm Legion.



A favorite combination of souls on Alpha right now has been Harbinger and Pyromancer. They have a sort of opposites attract synergy with eachother that makes them a crowd favorite. Combining them makes you an expert in hit and run tactics while giving a boost to your survivability. For survivability in pve and pvp Harbinger/Chloromancer is a favorite. The Stormcaller and Harbinger souls are said to be a natural pair with eachother.


So we all know some big things are coming to the Soul Tree. With ten new levels being introduced they have to be put somewhere. Well that somewhere is the tree. Every soul is getting looked at, reworked, new powersets are going in. Even the positioning of powers is being changed. My first thought after hearing this was “Oh god, the patch notes are going to be huge.” Not that it’s a bad thing mind you. I can’t wait to my hands on them. We did get a glimpse at the soul tree for Harbinger but right now it doesn’t have its own images so it wasn’t anything new really. And they didn’t bother going into any detail as everything could change before live.



Mage pets are getting a deep look at. Everything down to new art for them. There are a small group of women on the forums expressing their displeasure at the lesser air elemental that was shown during the stream where all of this was revealed. The new air elemental is basically a cloudy, smoking looking woman. I’m actually going to put myself down as also being against it. Not so much because it is a woman, that can be argued as my Mage forming the elemental in her image, but more because I like the little swirling upside down dust devil. But then I also had trouble when they updated the other pets. I just like things staying as they start out to be.


Information about the other souls will be coming at a later date. Possibly in about a month or so they will host the next livestream to show off another soul. Part of the reason for the big delay is next week is Gamescom. Which I will be at myself. Hopefully while I’m there I will be able to actually get my hands on Storm Legion and let all of you know how awesome it is. So be sure to keep an eye out for our special live from Gamescom press coverage starting on Wednesday.



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