MEAD: Stormy Lore

MEAD: Stormy Lore

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



I was one of those annoying kids that always asked questions. The one I asked more often than not was “Why?” When I became a gamer it was never enough that I was shooting the bad guys. I needed to know why I was doing it. When it wasn’t clear I would make up a story of my own. As the games I enjoyed grew more complex the need for lore grew. These days my favorite games have a rich and unique back story. But they also leave themselves room to evolve and expand on that story as time goes back. RIFT is easily the best at this. Anyone who has played knows they’ve created a world with a long spanning history. And with the upcoming expansion there is a whole lot more history to learn about. This week we learned a little bit more about some of what we have to look forward to in the upcoming expansion, Storm Legion.



The most iconic image to come from Storm Legion so far features an army with a massive gate floating behind them. This is the Infinity Gate. It was opened long ago by the Brevane, an empire which has long been lost. The gate was meant to allow the people of Brevane to travel the planes to colonize them. Unfortunately it attracted the attention of the Dragons. But while most of them were interested in fighting over the sourcestone scattered through the world there was one who saw the value of the Infinity Gate and the technology used to create it. That was Crucia. She used her forces to overwhelm the Brevanic people, scattering those that survived. Some sought shelter in the Eternal City while others fled to what is now known as Mathosia. And now, Crucia’s Storm Legion has spent ages preparing for the battle to come. It is a force which even Regulos himself fears. From inside her icy prison in Iron Pine Peak, Crucia has been scheming, preparing for a day which comes soon, the day she is free. There is but one flaw in her plan. To use the Infinity Gate, to bring war to Telara and the planes she needs the Nexus Key. Regulos is all too aware of what would happen should she get her claws on that key and so he has sent his minions to retrieve the Nexus Key leaving the Storm Legion and Endless Court locked in neverending battle.



This has made me even more excited for Storm Legion than I already was. Which is pretty amazing because I honestly cannot wait. And that is why I was so excited to learn that on Friday, August 10th (that is this coming Friday for anyone keeping track), Trion will be revealing one of the four new souls coming in Storm Legion. This week they will be revealing the new Mage soul. Not only is this exciting because Mages are awesome, it has also been promised that in the coming weeks we would see love for Warriors, Clerics, and Rogues as well.



And if that little bit of lore hasn’t been enough for you, Elrar has invited the community to ask any lore questions there are out there. They will be compiled and answered in a Lore Q&A which will be coming in the near future. Of course I’m not sure if they really thought this through when they opened the invitation. The forum post where questions are to be left is over 50 pages long. I haven’t had the chance to read through it all yet but I hope there are questions in there about the new lore and even more about Storm Legion in general. So far there hasn’t been a date set for when we can expect this Q&A to be released but when it is I will be sure to feature it.



I cannot wait for the day they announce Storm Legion going on sale. Even more so I am eager for the day I can get my hands on it. Hopefully this ramp up in information and community involvement can be taken as a sign. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part. Either way I will keep my eyes on the forums and social media sites ever hopeful for more from our wonderful family in Trion.

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