Mech Hero Review: Robots in your browser!

Mech Hero Review: Robots in your Browser!
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Mech Hero is a future-themed MMO web browser game that immerses players in a world of robot fights and scientific geekery. The game is actually pretty simple though time consuming. You’ll be building structures, upgrading units, and researching weapons data while balancing your resources to increase productivity. The game is famous for its fully customizable robots that resemble those from Mechwarrior and despite its generic browser based elements; it has very interesting depth, with tons of options and robotic elements available for players to build their desired robot utopia. Well Supreme Commander, are you ready to take the plunge?


Initializing: Loading Start Up Mode

After filling in the necessary requirements, players are opted to choose their respective sectors (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta), allowing them to stay closer to their friends online. Once done with picking their sectors, players are catapulted to the in game world and on to the tutorial phase. The tutorials in the game are both helpful and newbie friendly. You will be given a sequenced list of structures to build with rewards that follow the completion of each task. Upon claiming your rewards, you will be given a brief explanation of the structure’s purpose, giving you a step-by-step guide on how the game is played. Tutorials are essential in my opinion, and a big read on the game’s website isn’t fun at all. At least this game had the grace to let us experience the game as we learn about it.



One thing I disliked about the game is the slow progress. Even with the tutorials guiding you on which particular structure to build, the game makes you wait forever for each structure to finish. It would’ve been better if they allowed players to build multiple buildings upon logging in. It wouldn’t hurt to eliminate a chunk of the waiting time. I swear… I’ve been playing the game for nine friggin hours and I’m still on my sixth quest. Although the slow pacing is exhausting for some gamers, it’s also quite favorable for working ones, especially when their boss checks their screen regularly (guilty as charged :P). Not only is building a pain, waiting for resources to fill up takes ages as well. I would suggest opening this up while working to avoid grunting after each click -_-.



Mech Hero Faster!!


After countless hours of building factories and gas chambers, players will finally be able to create their own mechs. One thing that differentiates this game from other army browser games is the player’s option to carry out individual tasks for each mech. This is sort of exhausting but at the same time satisfying for gamers who want a few more options when playing the game. Micromanaging FTW!

Mechs are cared for in a variety of ways, and you’ll soon learn that each of the buildings you have upgraded have their own specific functions. You can pimp up your robot in various ways, and the game provides an array of awesome weapons for you to arm your mech with. Whether it’s guns, lasers, or missiles you’d like in your arsenal, Mech Hero’s list of weapons is sure to impress.

Mech Hero Loadout

Repair And Research

Mechs are powerful units, but they also need their mechanical doctors after experiencing a brutal conflict. The mech hangar is where damaged mechs go. A bit of a hassle since clicking on something often makes you wait, but it’s better than making new mechs (not to mention cheaper -_-).

If you want to win, you’ll need than just your average missiles. Accessing the Tech Lab will allow players to upgrade and strengthen your army of steel giants. I would say that it’s a must for players to upgrade their mechs as soon as possible to avoid too many casualties. Finished research is then taken to the academy where players can access and earn their expected results.

Creating mechs canbe a lot of fun with all the research involved. Kind of makes you feel like you’re really a supreme commander executing orders. The work involved is quite hefty, especially with all the waiting, but it does pay off once you see your awesome mechs launch.


Graphics And Interface

I can’t say I’m too impressed with the game’s visuals. Some of them are just plain drab, with a linear set of landscapes that refuses to change whether you’re at the world map or in the comforts of your own city. I know they’re trying to go for the futuristic ruined world approach, but would it hurt to add a bit more variety to the locations? The interface looks plain as well, but the good part is that everything is in order and easy to comprehend. The features are conveniently located on the top portion of your screen, giving users an easily accessible interface. The buildings are well detailed but stay as is from the moment you build them. It would’ve been great to see them change when you upgrade structures, but the game only shows its current level next to its unchanging form.

Mech Hero Graphics and Interface


Like most army based browser games, players are free to attack everyone on the map. It’s really hard for newbie players to keep up with veteran players, especially when their mechs are armed to theteeth. My advice would be to join an alliance for extra protection, at least until your units are ready for all out combat. You don’t want hefty repair fees at the end of each battle, so keep your cool and work hard (more like wait hard).


Mech Hero is nothing special. Aside from the customizable mechs and individual missions, I’d say it’s close to being utterly generic. It does have its good points when it comes to the immersion of research and weapon development, but it’s not like it’s something we haven’t seen before. The interface is drab, and the world map lacks texture. So far, the only thing worth looking at is the mech interface.  The waiting time is a pain, especially since you’re only allowed to build/upgrade one building at a time. I think it would be better if they allowed players to build two buildings simultaneously from the start to speed up the process (at least by a few hours). Although the game lacks on some aspects, mech fans are sure to love it. If you like hefty research and are into detailed mech development, this is the game for you.


-Tons of weapons and upgrades to choose from
-High population


-Waiting time
-Gets boring
-Visuals need some tweaking
-Words fail to bring satisfaction to mech combat

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