Medievia Review: Humility is out of the Question

Medievia Review: Humility is out of the Question

If you pay attention to game ads, you never see a game being promoted as second best. It’s always, “come and join us we’re number 1!” or “this is way better than this game”. The problem however is that the game that brags the loudest tends to disappoint the most.


Along those lines, I’ve never seen a game that brags more than Medievia. The game claims a lot of the usual stuff however, instead of naming a single game to beat, Medievia takes on the whole gaming industry and builds on the idea that most games nowadays only grow visually and not in gameplay.

What is Medievia?

Medievia is basically a text-based online game that centers around your adventures in the world of Medievia. It is a world of its own and I was quite surprised that for a game of its kind, it has a ton of features that you only find in P2P games.


Mediveia Map

MUD System

Normally, games of this kind rely on browsers as their primary medium of gameplay, however Medievia uses a MUD system which makes gameplay smoother and the game response time faster than browser based games of this kind.

The MUD system in Medievia is the main reason why the chosen mode of gameplay works so well. Usually, games that take the tabletop approach are chained to delays in-between actions due to the refresh rate of browsers. It’s these delays that make the game more unbearable for players who want a more dynamic role-playing adventure.


Medievia’s MUD system eliminates delays hereby lessening the time you have to spend waiting for your action to register in the game system and gives you more time to enjoy and explore the game.

Mediveia Interface


If you are familiar with tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, you get the idea of how Medievia plays out. The game system is like the Dungeon Master narrating whatever you see hear, and smell. It is through text commands that you type that determines how your character moves within the game.


This is where it’s make or break for the game in terms of getting you hooked. Under normal circumstances players prefer a game that has easy controls, like using the mouse as the basic interaction tool in-game, but Medievia  is text based, the game requires you to type in the commands, something that is rarely done if you want your players to stay.


However, typing the commands is part of the overall Medievia experience. The whole Medievia experience is reliant to the player interacting with the game, in this case in the form of typing commands.


The game system narrows down the player base to the more patient, hardcore role players but it is in its own right a very immersing game to play.

Mediviea Kill

Want a human pet?

Medievia promises to bring very dynamic and constantly evolving gameplay. A part of the way the game show this is through the various game features it provides players.


Medievia is a world in itself. Your character has a lot of the same characteristics you would find in a normal human being. It needs to eat, drink, rest and take breaks as you travel in the world. Walk too fast and your character wheezes and needs to take a break, let your character suffer hunger and your character’s stats go crazy.


Playing Medievia is like having your own little human pet. The only thing your character can’t experience at the moment is getting sick, but I don’t think that would be impossible in the near future as the game updates on a regular basis.


The aspect of controlling almost everything about your character has been a proven formula for immersive  game play, my basis of which is the success of the Sim’s and Medievia has indeed used it to its advantage.


The most important thing in a game, especially in terms of online games is its replayability. In reference to Medievia, the game does provide a lot of reasons for players to come back and log-in. One example is that the game allows you to multiclass. Such a game feature would really gives players value for time invested because it provides a reason to explore the different job classes available.


Another game feature that I can say really gives players the reason to go on playing is the bloodline feature. This game feature allows your character to either belong to an existing bloodline or create one of your own. However there is a level requirement before you can create a bloodline of your own.


The Bloodlines in Medievia is an example of a successful game feature because the bloodline system gives players a chance to leave their “mark” in the game in the form of their very own bloodline.


Also, speaking of bloodlines, you can also create your own home and acquire land in Medievia. Thus emphasizing the fact that Medievia isits own world, thus providing a very immersing experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Mediiviea Stats


One of the things I liked about Medievia is the capacity for roleplay. With the MUD system in place roleplaying isn’t much of a chore unlike in other tabletop themed browser games. The game features are very much tuned to support roleplaying. The only thing that really matters is how your creativity flows.


The roleplaying-friendly aspect of Medievia online is another good reason for players to come back and enjoy the game, adding another replayability aspect that is often times overlooked by other browser games.



Overall, Medievia really seems to have delivered on its bragging and more. However the limitation of the game is the mechanic and of players it attracts. You don’t have to worry too much about the players you meet in the game because it is sure that majority of the players you meet in Medievia run on the same wavelength as you.


The game is a must try for those looking for a decent game that mixes roleplaying and a very immersing game system. If you have little to no patience for text based games  you might be better off trying a different game.



    * Immerse game system makes you come back for more
    * Gameplay is smooth and has a fast response time for a game like this
    * The game is roleplay friendly



    * You have to type in every action in-game
    * There is a lack of visuals
    * The text color in the interface may hurt your eyes

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