Mega Man OST Coming to Vinyl This Year

Mega Man 1-11 Vinyl

This year, Mega Man fans can fight for everlasting peace via Vinyl! Capcom has partnered with Laced Records to bring a limited-edition Mega Man 1-11: The Collection vinyl OST to life. 152 tracks pressed onto six “Mega Man Blue” 180g vinyl LPs, will be packaged in deluxe spined inner sleeves. Housed in a gorgeous ridged board slipcase, the music will have the full soundtracks to Mega Man 1-3. In addition, a large selection from Mega Man 4-11 will be on board. Every track was remastered for this release as well.

For the first time, hear pulse-pounding Mega Man music on wax, with tracks drawn from across the last 32 years of games. Relive the essential Famicom/NES chiptune scores in full, as we present the entire tracklist from Manami Matsumae’s Mega Man OST, Takashi Tateishi’s seminal music for Mega Man 2 (featuring the legendary “Dr. Wily’s Castle 1”), and Yasuaki Fujita and Harumi Fujita’s fan favorite Mega Man 3 OST. Those interested in pre-ordering the album can do so by this link in the US and this link elsewhere.

Composers also include Minae Fujii (MM4), Mari Yamaguchi (MM5), Yuko Takehara (MM6, MM7), Makoto Tomozawa (MM7, MM10), Toshihiko Horiyama (MM7), Shusaku Uchiyama (MM8), Ryo Kawakami (MM9, MM10), Yu Shimoda (MM9), Ippo Yamada (MM9, MM10), Hiroki Isogai (MM9), Akari Kaida (MM10), Hiroki Isogai (MM10), and Marika Suzuki (MM11).


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