Meta’s Verse: City of Heroes Epic Contest!

Meta’s Verse: City of Heroes Epic Contest!

City of Heroes Issue 20: Incarnate is live! You have the chance to make yourself more powerful and take on even more Praetorians. Don’t have Going Rogue yet? Always wanted to give City of Heroes a try? Well the folks at OnRPG have heard your cries, and come armed with the Going Rogue Complete Collection.


City of Heroes Contest

But Meticulous Meta! How do we get one of those? I know what you were thinking. And no, I’m not a mind reader. I just know my readers. We here at OnRPG are giving you three ways to get your hands on them.



1. Facebook: Like our page and post a comic book cover of one of your favorite heroes (or villains) on our wall!



2. Twitter: Tweet us a screenshot of your hero taking a picture of action in the City of Heroes World. This is a special competition for current CoX players to win an Animal Pack bonus code! Enter Here!



3. OnRPG Forums: Head over to our forums and create the perfect villain for a famous hero of your choice.


City of Heroes Contest


So what are you waiting for?! Get out those typewriters and cameras!


Oh, you want more information? Well, all right. But don’t tell my editor I’ve told you any of this.


The competition is running from today until April 23rd at 11pm Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be announced by me on a special edition of Meticulous Meta the following week. One lucky person will also get the chance to meet me in City of Heroes and be interviewed for a future edition of Meticulous Meta.



The Going Rogue Complete Collection includes:

• Access to Praetoria

• Alignment Changes

• The entire Going Rogue expansion

• The Going Rogue Item Pack

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