Meta’s Verse: City of Heroes Lost Updates Part 2

Meta’s Verse: City of Heroes Lost Updates Part 2

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter



Last week I started a depressing look at some of the things that were going to be coming to City of Heroes that never made it to the live server. It includes some powersets that were never announced, Issue 24 and more. But I ran out of time to finish and so I give you part 2. We pick back up where we ended, in the middle of talking about new power pools.



Power Pools

Force of Will – Force of Will grants you access to various powers that allow you to manifest your own willpower and use it to harm your foes. The powers in it are Weaken Resolve, a ranged foe –Resist, -Defense, and Self +To Hit. Project Will is a ranged attack which does moderate psi/smashing damage as well as a foe knockdown. Mighty Leap is a self long jump which while active allows for another power which is called Stomp. Stomp provides additional power. Wall of Force is a ranged cone which does moderate psi/smash damage and knocks down foes. The last power in the set is Unleash Potential. It is a self buff which gives boosts to regen, recovery, recharge, and defense.


Gadgetry – Gadgetry gives you access to highly advanced technology to weaken or blast your foes. This pool would have been perfect for both natural and technology origins. The powers would have been Nano Net, Blaster Drone, Jetpack, Drone Barrage, and Force Barrier. Nano Net was a ranged foe –speed, -recharge, -fly, -regen. Blaster Drone is ranged and does moderate energy damage as well as reducing enemy’s regeneration. Jetpack is…well it’s a jetpack. While it was active you also would have had access to Turbo boost which would allow you to fly faster for a short time. Drone Barrage was to be a ranged cone which did moderate energy damage as well as reduce regen on foes. And finally there was Force barrier which gave a boost to your own absorb.


Utility Belt – This power pool option offers some tools that you can use to weaken your foes or quickly close the gap between you and your target. We don’t have information on all the powers but we do at least know what they were going to be called. The powers were to be Bolas, Poisoned Dagger, Freerunning, Flying Strike, and Life Support System. Bolas is a ranged foe immobilization and knockdown. Poisoned Dagger, other than being daggers which are poisoned, was a ranged attack that did moderate lethal damage and light toxic damage over time. Freerunning gave you the ability to run quickly and leap high; it also gave access to Athletics which may have boosted your jump height temporarily. We don’t know anything about Flying Strike sadly. But the Life Support system was to be a self +HP, +Heal over time, and +Special.



There were several new enhancement sets in the works. This isn’t even putting into consideration the special archetype specific ones that we knew would be coming with Super Pack 2, Rogues and Vigilantes. I won’t go into the full details on the sets because that itself would be a month’s worth of articles. Instead here is just a brief highlight of each.


Annihilation – A targeted AoE damage enhancement set for levels 20 to 50. The set is considered rare and the proc for the set was a chance for –Res.


Preventive Medicine – A healing enhancement for levels 20 to 50. This set also is a rare and the proc was for absorb.


Reactive Defenses – As the name states this enhancement set is for defense. Like the others it was for levels 20 to 50 and rare. It had a unique enhancement which did scaling damage resistance. We can only guess what that means, but it sounds awesome.


Unbreakable Guard – Another damage based enhancement set for levels 20-50. In it was a unique enhancement that gave 7.5% Max HP.



Costume Sets


There were a few costume sets we knew about which were and last I saw still are accessible on the subscriber beta. This includes a new spacey/techy pirate set, a costume set which was designed by the fans during the last player summit and much more.



But you know, more important than anything I’ve listed these last two weeks there is one thing that stands out. The number one thing that will never come: Your Story. Sure, you may move to another super hero MMO. You might even take the characters you played in City of Heroes with you. But there is no way it will ever be the same. My husband and I plan to continue our characters in stories we write to eachother. Will it be wonderful to keep them alive? Sure. Will the stories be the same as they would if the game continued though? No.



From the looks of it City of Heroes was about to undergo some huge changes. New power pools that seemed to almost take the place of the power pools already in set. Do we know if they would have taken the old ones out? No. This could have been the start of Paragon City’s next golden age. Instead we will be going quietly into the sunset.

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