MetaÂ’s Verse: City of Heroes’ Lost Updates

Meta’s Verse: City of Heroes’s Lost Updates

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter




Because City of Heroes’ end was announced so abruptly there was a lot left in production limbo. Some of it, like Issue 24 was in beta, nearly ready to go live. Some of it includes plans from way off into the future. Paragon Studio had plans reaching all the way to Issue 28, and perhaps even beyond. I’m going to take a look at everything we officially know, things that were found out in less than appropriate ways and even a bit of wishful thinking.



Issue 24

At the time of the announcement Issue 24 had been in beta for some time, we had seen weeks, maybe even months worth of reveals for it. Power pools were getting revised, new powers were being added, others being tweaked slightly. Power pools, epic powers and patron powers were all getting color customization at last! And this next one, people joke is the reason City of Heroes is getting closed; No nuke crash for Blasters. What few people realized when they joked that though is that the real reason for City of Heroes is…well, I’ll tell you later on in the article. These are just some of the things we knew were coming with I24. Issue 24 is still accessible on beta if you have VIP status. I highly recommend it to everyone who has access.



The Coming Storm: Battalion

Ok, so that was a bit of a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t been paying close attention. Prometheus, that tall blue guy in Ouroboros, reveals that The Coming Storm is The Battalion. They play a part in Rikti lore as a force that the Rikti had come up against before. In the Lore Ask Me Anything it was stated that the Rikti would come to the aid of the Earth in the fight against The Battalion which lead to speculation that perhaps Rikti epic archetypes would be in the works as well. It was also stated that the next four Issues would revolve around the Battalion who in the end may or may not have burned all the Kheldians for fuel.




So, here is where things start getting lengthy and complicated. Issue 24 had two powersets that were going to be released with it, Martial Combat and Martial Assault. We actually got to see these in action during live streams with Zwillinger. We also knew about Bio armor, another we saw during a coffee talk stream and Radiation armor which was designed at the last player summit. But there were a few that we weren’t supposed to know about as well. Information that was obtained through pigg diving, which is a very big no no.



Psionic Melee which included psi blades, and a PBAoE tier 9 ability called Mass Levitate. Most of the attacks were categorized as Psi/Lethal or Psi/Smash and did –Rech. There was also to be something called Insight which improved most of the Psionic Melee powers while it was active. Insight could be gained from most of the attacks in the set.


Savage Melee used animalistic attacks to cause lethal damage and damage over time. Attacking created Blood Frenzy which stacked to create a damage buff and cut endurance costs. Blood Frenzy could also be consumed to give powers additional benefits. But doing so would leave you exhausted and unable to build more Blood Frenzy for a short time.


And finally, my favorite, Wind Control. This powerset was to be available for controllers and dominators. It involved building pressure to be consumed by other powers. And the tier 9 was a Vortex pet. If you took both Vacuum and Vortex you would receive an additional power called clear skies.



Power Pools

So earlier I mentioned that in I24 we would have been able to color customize our power pools. Well there were also plans in the works to introduce new power pools. The earliest one we heard about was Sorcery which was accidently put on beta during a testing phase. It didn’t take long before the mistake was noticed and removed. But by the time they did everyone knew about it and was excited at the opportunities it represented. So I’ll go power by power through everything we know about the pools that we could have had.





Spirit Ward – +Absorb over time. You encompass an ally in a mystical spirit ward which causes them to gain a small amount of damage absorption every few seconds for a short time.


Arcane Bolt – Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe Knockdown. You channel arcane energies into a concentrated blast and release them upon your target dealing moderate energy damage and possibly knocking them down.


Mystic Flight – Self Fly, Special. Using powerful magic you are able to lift yourself from the ground and fly. While this powers’ speed isn’t as fast as some other forms of flight, you do gain access to the Translocation power. While Mystic Flight is active you can use Translocation to teleport to a distant location.


Enflame – Ranged Friend/Foe, Special. This ritual allows you to imbue an ally or curse a foe with a fiery spell. If Enflame is cast on an ally or a foe they will leave a fiery trail behind them that will damage foes.


Rune of Protection – Self, +Res(All dmg, Hold, Sleep, Immob, Knockdown, Disorient). You cast a rune of protection upon yourself granting you protection from Hold, Sleep, Immob, Knockdown. Rune of Protection will drain a portion of your endurance and prevent you from recovering endurance for a short time.





Sadly information on Experimentation isn’t as complete as the other power pools. We do know the names of the powers and can get a basic idea of what they were going to do based on their icons.


Experimental Injection – A heal.


Toxic Dart – Firing toxic darts at enemies


Speed of Sound – Some sort of fast travel similar to super speed.



Corrosive Vial – Another attack which likely involved you throwing a vial of corrosive liquid or gas in a targeted area.


Adrenal Booster – Self, +To Hit, +Recharge, +Damage. You inject yourself with a concentrated serum that boosts your damage, recharge, and chance to hit by a large amount for a short time.



And you know what, that is all we have time for today. But we’ve barely started to scratch the surface. We still have more power pools to talk about, zones, those things I wish we were going to have and so much more. So come back again next week when I finish off the reveal of things that will never come to City of Heroes. And don’t forget that this weekend is the start of the sunset events with a Summer Blockbuster weekend. For the last time players will have access to the summer movie event which was so popular earlier in the year.

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