Meta’s Verse: CoH Summer Blockbuster Event

Meta’s Verse: Summer Blockbuster Event

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter




In the real world when the temperatures start climbing and summer is in full swing it is blockbuster season. And this year blockbuster season has come to Paragon City. In the first ever summer event in City of Heroes it is a Saturday night at the movies. But, this being Paragon City, nothing is ever really as it seems. Here instead of watching the movie, you’re in it! The two blockbusters this year both come from Crey Studios.



Casino Heist

In Casino Heist you are part of a team which sets out to steal a huge fortune which is kept in the vault at Tyrant’s Palace Casino. You each have a role to play for this heist to go as planned. But when you fall back to your safe house Tyrant’s Palace Casino guards are there waiting. You have to face wave after wave of them and send a message to their boss. So long as everyone plays their part you walk away a rich, rich person.



Time Gladiator

In what would possibly be the most awesome/horrible B movie ever, you and your three friends are thrust into an ancient Roman gladiatorial arena to face off against fighters from throughout the ages. You go up against everything from Ninjas to cowboys and all the way up to Rikti monkeys.



Supporting these movies are the user made posters which came from a poster competition held by Paragon Studios some time ago. Seven movies were chosen which included Magical Dream Unicorns, and My User, Dave. The rest were very much set in the City of Heroes universe. Even Death from Bologna staring Ryan Hogsling, Natalie Porkchop, Gary Coldham and Morgan Freeham has something to do with City of Heroes. In a round about, punny sort of way. The top three winners of the competition were absolutely fantastic and sound like interesting movies. In third place was The Guard. A movie about The Vanguard who are in my eyes under appreciated. Second place was the based on a true story Brass Monday which is a Nemesis plot. And finally, in first place, my absolute favorite was Hero One. This one was amazingly well done. And honestly, I wish it were made into a real movie. I would pay to see that movie. Quickly! Someone call Michael Bay! All of these posters are on display in the lobby of the movie theater which you can only enter by using the LFG tool.



There are ten badges in total for this event. Four of them come from Time Gladiator, five of them from Casino Heist and finally one for completing both movies. These are all easily obtained in one run through if you know what you’re doing. But there are plenty of reasons to replay it.



As a reward for running the summer blockbuster event you get the usual suspects: reward tokens, inspirations and things like that. But there’s also the choice to pick up a brand new enhancement set which is only available through the summer event. This set is called Overwhelming Force and can be slotted into most attack powers. They are all unique and there is one proc. The proc is a chance for knockback to become knockdown. In addition it gives a 20% chance for knockdown. Currently the set cannot be traded or sold in the auction but that is a bug which will hopefully be fixed soon.



This event is going on through July until the 30th. In addition there is currently a free hat in the Paragon Market as part of a special Fourth of July sale. It is available for only a short time so get it while you can.

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