Meta’s Verse: CoH Zone Events

Meta’s Verse: CoH Zone Events

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter



I love zone events. They happen all over the place all time of the day. They are the spice of the game. And with Zwillinger’s announcement of a Rikti invasion weekend coming up I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about my favorite zone events. For the purposes of this countdown I’m including invasions, monsters, and anything else you might get an alert for.



10. Seed of Hamidon


I’m starting off with the only zone event I haven’t done yet. This giant monster flies around the skies of First Ward and can be seen from everywhere in the zone. It surrounds itself in a cloud of spores and has seedlings which buff it. Defeating the Seed of Hamidon takes a lot of coordination with a lot of people. But when you defeat it you get rewarded the Germinator Terminator. So why is it on my list if I’ve never taken it down? Because it looks awesome and one of these days I’ll do it!



9. Croatoa War


This event has multiple parts that build up to a fight between the giant Jack in Irons and the giant pumpkin Eochai. And that is when the heroes come in. In the early days of the game if you weren’t fast enough one of the monsters could kill the other. Jack in Irons is an ugly beast, but Eochai is adorable, even if he throws flaming pumpkins at you. I won’t go out of my way to do this event but if I happen to be in Croatoa then I’m happy to take them down.



8. Ghost of Scrapyard


In Sharkhead Isle when the local miners go on strike they are lead by the Ghost of Scrapyard. He was once a champion of miner rights until Captain Mako was hired to eliminate him. But even in death he leads the miners. To this day he hates all villains and any who stray too close to him and his protesting miners feel his wrath. I do actually feel bad about defeating him. But at the same time it is so much fun I don’t care!



7. Rikti Invasion


There is a familiar haunting sound when the Warwalls go down and the sky gets a light green glow. Citizens run for cover because the Rikti invasion ships are just moments away. The first wave is a bombing from the ships. Not all the bombs explode right away though and it is your job to destroy them before they explode. After a few minutes of bombing the troops land. In the old days when my computer was much worse this experience was painful but wonderful. You have an entire zone full of heroes all standing in one place. You pray that your computer won’t freeze while you spam whatever AoEs you have. These days it isn’t quite so bad. But it is still just as fun as ever.



6. The Protest Event


This is my favorite of all the Praetorian events. It is very roleplay friendly so long as you arrive at the right time and are on the right side. You get the choice of taking out the protesters or supporting them by taking out the PPD who show up. This event also has one of my favorite rewards, a Molotov Cocktail.



5. Troll Rave


A troll rave at a warehouse in Skyway City has gone out of control. An upgraded type of Superadine is creating Supa Trolls who are completely out of control and have to be stopped. I love this event because the massively pumped up glowing green trolls amuse me.



4. Hellion Arson


A classic in hero culture is saving the cat/child/old lady from a burning building. And Steel Canyon has City of Heroes’ burning building. Hellions are setting it on fire. They have to be stopped and the fires have to be put out. This event is fantastic because it isn’t just about fighting. You also get a temporary fire extinguisher power to put out the fires with. When the fire is successfully put out the Fire Chief does a little dance before going back to the station.



3. Zombie Invasion


I have a soft spot for zombies. This invasion is somewhat similar to the Rikti invasion in that the sky changes color, this time its red and citizens run for safety. I’ve even gone so far as to name some of the zombies. This event is one I will travel to any zone for as soon as I see the alert. It is the only one that I will do no matter who I’m on.



2. Ghost Ship


The Ghost Ship Moraine travels through the harbor zones of Paragon City dropping off its ghost crew who are angry. More than anything I love following the ship through Talos when I see it. I don’t even know why I do it anymore. It has become a tradition through the years. And it is another great roleplaying element.



1. Sally


And finally there is my absolute favorite, Sally, the lake monster and school mascot of Salamanca. She is generally considered a myth by citizens but heroes are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this shy creature. Sally doesn’t have any powers, she doesn’t attack. She only swims and looks adorable doing it. Defeating her takes only one hit. And even brawl can do it since she only has a few health points. But this isn’t killing her, why would anyone kill such a gentle creature? This just scares her and she dives under the water not to be seen on the surface again for a little while.



So there you have it! My top 10 favorite zone events in City of Heroes. Obviously I play heroside far more than I do villain or Praetorian. And one of these days I will find enough people to help me take down the Seed of Hamidon. Hopefully with each new zone will come new events to enjoy. They really are the spice of City of Heroes, something to look forward to and add into your schedule if you see the alert for one of them pop up.

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