Meta’s Verse: DXP Weekends

Meta’s Verse: DXP Weekends

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter



The weekend before last was a magical time for anyone who plays City of Heroes. A time when people make sure they don’t have work, all food is microwaved and finding someone soloing is next to impossible. I’m talking about Double XP weekend. (I’m only talking about it now since last week I was at Gamescom with the OnRPG crew and having a blast!) It is easily my favorite world wide event in City of Heroes. As someone who is a roleplayer first and a gamer second DXP weekends provide an opportunity to leave behind the rping in favor of a lot of experience for the least amount of time possible. More bang for my buck so to speak.



Before I can really talk about why Double XP Weekend is so fantastic I really should mention the statistics, how it works and anything else vital. The first one was held on July 21st 2006 and since then there have been thirteen. Because it is a special weekend not everything works as it normally does. Patrol XP cannot be consumed except through death and thereby soaking up the debt you would have otherwise had. Incarnate XP is not doubled. So unless you are one of those awesome people who are willing to play a 50 to help out your friends there are no benefits to playing a 50, unless you’re in it for the influence. A recent addition this year is the XP boosters which do work during DXP weekends. They’re the ones you buy from the Paragon Market.



Experience in the Mission Architect is normal, so farms tend to be completely abandoned for that weekend. There is a day job badge, one that no one seems to remember, let this be my little pro tip to you for the next DXP weekend. The Law Enforcer badge for standing around in PPD stations and for villains the equivalent is Arachnos Agent which is rewarded for logging out in Arachnos bases. These badges give you a small boost to XP which does work during DXP. A final recentish addition to the glory that is DXP is the Weekly Strike Targets. Doing these gives a huge reward at the end on a normal week. But when its DXP that reward is even bigger. But! You have to give it some thought and consideration. The new Strike Targets are on Tuesdays but Double XP doesn’t start until Friday. And you can only get that huge bonus once per character.



So now that I’ve spent nearly half my article talking about stuff any seasoned player would know, now we can get to more personal views and what other players have to say about it. As I said at the start I’m a roleplayer first. Even with DXP weekends it takes me years to get to 50. Want some examples? Dual Pistols, it came out March of 2010, mine is level 32. I started her on the first day the set was live. My Demon Summoner, made the same day as my DP character, level 30. Now this habit has raised a few eyebrows. I know a lot of the RP community is in the same boat. But there are also a lot who speed past my little row boat on a high powered racing boat and think I’m nuts. I would say that my play to rp ratio is maybe 1:9. But when DXP comes around, unless there is something pressing that MUST be done in the roleplay community then I’m out there doing taskforces. DXP is an extremely valuable tool for me. One I take full advantage of every time it rolls around.



Everyone has their own ways of preparing for a DXP weekend. It usually involves a small To Do list, a shopping trip and a ton of caffeine. For me planning starts the moment the weekend is announced. I put it down in my calendar and break out an Excel sheet. On that sheet goes a list of all my characters, what level they currently are and if I want to do anything with them or not. Then I forget all about DXP until the week it starts. I revisit my list and start putting in my goals for the weekend.



I don’t know if I’ve ever met all my goals. They’ve sometimes equalled more than 100 levels between all my characters. This is where I mention how much of an alt whore I am. I have 46 active characters on Virtue. This doesn’t include characters I’ve moved simply because I don’t play them anymore. Of those 46 I have 8 of them at level 50. I almost never break those 8 out over DXP, unless someone asks me to. So the plans are laid out, the wish list is set.



But wait! I have no fuel! No fuel for my body means no XP. My shopping list usually consists of pizzas for ovening, sandwich makings, Coke, burgers and chocolate. Not the healthiest, but when there is XP to be had who cares about your health! Actually there is someone. Jawbreaker on the official boards posted a word of caution for the DXP weekend. A reminder to get up and move around because sitting in one place for three days straight is a big no no. Even going so far as telling a story about a gamer who got a blood clot from sitting too long playing games.



Not everyone does the Double XP weekends the same. I know quite a few people who will make characters strictly to try to get to 50 over one weekend. And while that isn’t my style I have a lot of respect for their achievements. And as the game grows more complex so do my plans for Double XP weekends. For the first time in two or three years though I didn’t get a 50 during DXP. But, no matter where I may be, no matter what other games I may be playing I always dedicate myself to Double XP weekends in City of Heroes. I love it, I use it and I excitedly await the next one.

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