Meta’s Verse: Issue 24 Blaster Changes

Meta’s Verse: Issue 24 Blaster Changes

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter




Today’s Meta’s Verse is a bit late. This is because I was waiting for the very exciting live stream from Paragon Studios. Now, yes they have these things every week. And the topics tend to vary from having guest devs stop by to having an hour full of tangents where they talk about bronies. Today’s though was really quite exciting as we learned about upcoming changes being made to Blasters in Issue 24. As someone who really enjoys playing Blasters I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Though I figured it would be something along the lines of the recent Stalker changes. And I was right! There are some quite big changes coming that make Blasters friendlier to play. Jeff “Arbiter Hawk” Hamilton, a systems designer and all around awesome guy, stopped by the live stream to explain those changes.




Snipes as they are now aren’t used often. They have a long cast time, are interruptible and are just kind of awkward all around. Well all that is going to change with Issue 24. Snipes will become instant cast. There’s a catch though, there’s always a catch. You have to get your to-hit up to 22%. This is doable a number of ways ranging from Aim to slotting Kismet IOs. Though Kismet only gets you about 6% of the way. Once you have that 22% though a familiar yellow ring will surround the snipe telling you that you can use it as an instant cast. That means you can use it in combat because it won’t interrupt. And you won’t get annoyed because that target you had originally picked was already dead by the time the attack finally finished animating. I’m a huge fan of my snipes so I’m really very excited to see this. I hate taking powers that I almost never use. This change is a lot like the Assassin’s Strike changes that were made to Stalkers in Issue 22. All of the snipe changes will also be seen in Defenders and Corruptors as the Blaster primary sets are used in those archetypes.



Dual Pistols won’t see any changes here simply because there are no snipes. They will however get some animation time changes in Issue 24.




Powers with a range of 40-50 feet are having that extended to 80 feet. This is to make it so you don’t have to run into the fight for just a couple of powers and can stand in the same spot should you so desire. I love this personally. I tend to ignore the powers that I’m not in range to use if I’m in a safe spot. I have the feeling that my playstyle for Blasters is going to be changing completely coming i24.




Secondary Blaster sets aren’t being forgotten. They’re getting a new power to make them more survivable. This power will be replacing another power that already exists in the powerset but I think the extra survivability will be well worth it. This power will give you a bonus to regeneration and recovery. They will not stack and will be usable every sixty seconds. In addition a few of them have a few extra little surprises. Ice Manipulation for instance will get a power called Frigid Protection which will replace Chilling Embrace. It will have a range of 30ft which is up from the 10ft that it currently is. In addition it will have an absorb shield which will tick every 3 seconds and at level 50 absorb 110HP worth of damage. This applies to self only. There is no change for Mental Manipulation because Drain Psyche is already a pretty awesome power.



The wonderful thing about all these changes is that they will happen without you having to respect! Of course for the secondary changes to take you will have to have the original power that is being replaced. And if you don’t then you will need to do a respec to take advantage of the change. All of these changes are most likely going to result in a whole lot more people doing blappers instead of regular blasting. Excitingly the Issue 24 beta will be beginning Soon™. Also coming “soon” is the Water Blast set which is rumored to be coming “sometime in the summer to cool us down.” The changes to Blasters look very exciting and I can’t wait to see what else we will get in Issue 24.

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