Meta’s Verse: Nemesis Plot?

Meta’s Verse: Nemesis Plot?

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter



Lord Nemesis has always been a misunderstood man. Anytime anything goes wrong suddenly it was all part of some plot by him. As City of Heroes has celebrated its eighth birthday Paragon Studios has been taken over by the Lord Emperor himself. Although the studio has only been returned to him after it was wrongfully taken from him, the heroes of Paragon City refuse to GIVE up the fight and accept HIM as their leader. He has been seeing the same resistance in the Rogue Isles but assures us at Onrpg that he has NO intention to give up until the city and Isles are his. He has shown great MERCY and patience with the citizens thus far. But it will only continue for so long. You must lay down your arms and surrender to the forces he has sent out to keep the peace during this time of transition.



Lord Nemesis has been quite vocal on Facebook since taking control of Paragon Studios on May 1st. He has giving us access to Longbow and Arachnos vehicles so we may be transported around the CITY and Isles as a group to face the task of peacekeeping under his rule. In a most gracious act he has allowed us the right to vote on what the official City of Heroes forums WILL look like when Issue 23 goes live. Although he will not tell us when that is, he is still a kind and caring leader. He was good enough to go on television and be interviewed by the community leader known as Andy Belford aka Zwillinger. There were some accusations that it was actually a Fake Nemesis as his accent seemed to change several times. I am sure this can be explained by a recent cold or thanks to his many years attempting to blend in. It can’t be easy keeping things straight after travelling the world utilizing so many accents for so long after all. It is unclear if he can DIE, which is good because why would we want someone so wonderful to leave us?



Another sign of his friendly nature was the reminder we were given that Celestial Armor would no longer be available as a Tier 9 VIP reward once Mecha Armor is made available. This is indeed not a Nemesis plot as many have suggested, he is simply keeping plans in motion that were made before he took office in an attempt to keep a sense of normalcy during this new era in American history. He was even kind enough to give us a sneak peak into the upcoming Retro Sci-Fi costume pack which is reportedly coming soon. He holds a special place in my heart for referring to my article on the recent player summit. Very few reading materials have been given the Lord Nemesis stamp of approval. As part of his PLOT towards world domination he wouldn’t allow the first Freedom Friday of the day last week take place on Facebook. This was initially viewed as a gaff by Nemesis as showing his true face to the community, or so opposition parties believe. It turned out in the end that no one was in the studio that morning, because he took them all to see the new Avengers movie calling it “research” for the future of HIS grand city. Earlier this week he alerted everyone to an event on the Victory server where citizens could relax, unattacked for at least a little while. His words may be harsh and his tactics less polished than the pony he rides but his love for Paragon City and the Rogue Isles is, in the END, obvious to any who don’t give themselves over to the opposition force.



Lord Nemesis has had a long history and many may know what lies in his future. How he has managed to live for so long is somewhat of a mystery, one he is unwilling to reveal even to a loyal follower like myself. After seeing the world he loves so much at war he took control of the US Government and they declared him Emperor of the United States. An act which he now claims was done so that the Citizen Crime Fighting Act would be put in place, allowing heroes to fight crime legally. This has resulted in the world becoming a better place and helped Statesman’s rise in fame. History though remembers this day as Brass Monday, a day which is remembered as one of the worst in modern American history.



He spent several years recuperating from Brass Monday, waiting in the shadows, watching the world he helped to shape grow. Since then he has been wrongly accused of being behind every major and minor event that has taken place in Paragon City. So much so that it has become a meme in the community, including the introduction of Architect Entertainment, something that the lovable Dr. Aeon clearly founded and created himself. A message on a forum about the Nemesis memes is from a man in an office who discovers nearly his entire office is filled with automatons made by Lord Nemesis. Heroes and Vigilantes are given the choice to either save him or destroy the warehouse he discovered. I have no doubt that this was all a plot by another organization to tarnish the name of our dear leader further.



In the end it is up to you to accept our new leader. I have given proof of his kind nature and obvious foresight when it comes to planning. He obviously cannot be responsible for everything that it is claimed he has done. So accept that all of the good things were a result of his machinations, and all of the bad were either misunderstood or opposition groups trying to tarnish his legacy. The final things to keep in mind are the following:


Everything is a Nemesis plot.

Nothing is a Nemesis plot.




This article was inspired by and approved of by Lord Nemesis’ Society For Misunderstood Villains.

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