Meta’s Verse: Power Pool Changes Part 2

Meta’s Verse Power Pool Changes Part 2

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter




Last week’s Meta’s Verse was all about the stream earlier that day about some of the upcoming changes to power pools that will be made with Issue 24. This week is continuing along that same line to give you part 2 of the changes. We were lucky enough to have Synapse back on air with Zwillinger to continue the discussion from last week’s coffee talk. Though this one had a big surprise.



Power Pool Customization

Yes. You read that correctly. We will finally be able to super speed in pink or even get rid of the effects of hasten. This feature has been asked for since the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of City of Heroes. And when Issue 16 came out way back in 2009 the hope and desire for it grew. Whenever a dev was asked about it though it seemed like maybe it was just out of our reach. But today fans around the world cheered loudly as Zwillinger showed off his fancy new superspeed color and what the customization screen looks like. There are the traditional dark, bright and minimal fx options for most of the powers. But it was stressed that not all powers could be minimal because we aren’t playing City of Invisible. But importantly, the most asked for one Hasten would have a minimal fx option. These customizations apply not only to the power pools but also to the Epic and Patron Pools as well.



Power Pool Changes

This is where I get to talk about what we actually expected to hear about today. Specifically the changes to Concealment, Medicine and Leadership. In this group of changes Medicine is seeing the biggest changes while the other two simply get a fifth power to put them in line with the rest of the power pools.



Concealment is getting a new power called Misdirection. It is a PBAoE Placate and minus resistance to all. In the notes on the power it says that enemies will not notice the attack.



The new power coming to leadership is called Victory Rush. This is used on defeated enemies to give your team a recovery buff and endurance discount. The size of these buffs will depend on the type of enemy you have targeted. Meaning if you have the choice between say a Minion level and an Arch Villain, go for the Arch Villain to get the biggest buffs.



And that brings me to Medicine. Medicine is actually seeing some big changes. Stimulant is being removed in favor of a power called Injection. This power can be used on an enemy or an ally for different results. And importantly it is not interruptible! Yay! The other changes come about if you take the new power in the set called Field Medic. Using it increases your heal potency by 25% and makes heals to you 25% more effective. Having Field Medic also has some side effects on two other powers in the set. With Field Medic, Aid Other becomes uninterruptable. Aid Self also will give endurance over time along with the healing component already there. But that is only if you have Field Medic as well.



And that was the news. After that Synapse took a few questions. They resulted in us knowing the following.



The Radiation Armor powerset that was designed by the players has had to be changed slightly. The biggest change is that the self rez/nuke had to be removed. It just wasn’t working correctly.


There will be no Incarnate Trial with Issue 24.


There will be no power proliferations in Issue 24.


And Whirlwind will not be able to slot the knockback to knockdown IO.



This is all insanely exciting information that I can’t wait to see in game. I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the player beta when issue 24 finally hits. Both Synapse and Zwillinger stressed that these are only some of the amazing things coming with Issue 24 but they really can’t share more without having to deal with the death stares from Black Pebble.

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