Meta’s Verse: Power Pool Changes

Meta’s Verse: Power Pool Changes

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter




Today’s Meta’s Verse is a little bit late. There’s a good reason for it I promise. Today’s coffee talk on Twitch made some very big announcements regarding power pools. Like, so big they confirmed everyone is getting a free respec with City of Heroes Issue 24. So if you missed out on the stream you’re in luck because I was in the audience jotting down information just as fast as my little hands could type. They announced changes to two of three power pools which got some pretty major updates.



First up is Presence. They made Challenge a single target placate, didn’t change Provoke and that’s where the changes get bigger. Intimidate gets bumped up to Mag 3 and costs less endurance. Invoke Panic is also getting a Mag 3 bump in addition to an increase of 80% accuracy, reduced endurance cost, and given a 20ft radius. And there is a new awesome power which I have to say I think I’m going to be getting on a lot of characters. Unrelenting is a damage buff, recharge buff, recovery buff….or it can be a rez. I’m already wishing the pool changes were up on Mids so I could start tweaking all my builds.



The other power pool they talked about was everyone’s favorite, Fighting. Both Synapse and Zwillinger stressed that no changes have been made to the favorites Tough and Weave. The changes that they did make mostly revolve around the new power called Cross Punch. Cross Punch in its own right is a power but if you have it in addition to Boxing and Kicking, that’s where the big impact is. It adds to damage and end recovery. And yeah, it might become another must have for my favorite characters.



Other big news was another upcoming change to Blasters. This one is the one everyone has really been waiting for. The five words every blaster has wanted to hear: No more crash on nukes. Yeah, they finally did it. But not only did they get rid of the crash, there were only slight changes to damage output made and recharge time has been significantly reduced. Before you start wondering, no this won’t see anything changing in Kheldians. Though it is something they may look at. The reason for the nuke changes is that a lot of people were skipping them all together. So this they hope will make people start going back and taking them. Admittedly I’m in the crowd that has always taken them but I am still very excited about these changes. Oh, and Synapse said that other crashes might be looked at in the future because we all hate them.



We also got to see some of the changes to Dual Pistols. Now, I love my DP characters. And I’ve always loved the powerset so some of these changes I’m not too sure on. First off (this one is ok in my book), the secondary effects have been added to the powers that didn’t already have them. This made me immediately think, “wait, there’s powers that don’t have them?” Then I said, “I should have known that. Oh well, yay for the change.” The other changes that were highlighted were a reduction in the casting time on some of the powers. This is the one I’m not sure I like. I am completely in love with Executioner’s Strike. It is in my opinion the best looking power period. Now that it’s sped up though I’m not sure if it has the same bad ass feeling it did. I’ll be able to really make my mind up on it when I can get my hands on it.



People who have been trying out Nature Affinity on Beta have noticed that Regrowth has undergone some visual changes. Something that some people aren’t too pleased about as it is really a step down graphically speaking. Synapse explained that this happened because of how much coverage it was. It would run the risk of hiding things on the ground. It also didn’t look quite right on slopes because it is programmed as a flat surface. I haven’t tried out the changes yet myself but generally I feel a bit sad about the whole thing.



Finally, there is a new giveaway program starting. They are giving away a new aura that is only available from Twitter. Now the part that bothers me about this is the speed involved. You see the tweet, quickly log into your NCSoft account, put in the code and find it’s taken. It is supposed to be happening on Twitter every Thursday starting this Thursday. But this week there is a big update coming to NCSoft account management which will have the entire account system down for most of the day. So, it might happen on Thursday or it might not. It just depends on how long the downtime is.



I am quite excited about all the changes they’ve been announcing recently. And they even said there is more to come. So keep an eye out for news coming up in the next week or so. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on OnRPG as soon as I hear about it, you’ll hear about it.

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