Metroid Gets Heavy With The Dark Hunter Progressive Rock Album

Album Cover

Materia Collective is releasing a new album, entitled “The Dark Hunter”, inspired by the Metroid franchise, featuring favorites from Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. From the lair of Kraid, to Brinstar or the battle versus Ridley, The Dark Hunter is officially licensed, and available today at the Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify!

“The gripping atmosphere, exciting turns and twists, and of course the soundtrack from Super Metroid gave me chills,” reflects Panuganti. “Creating The Dark Hunter was fulfilling my long-running dream of focusing on one theme, one sound, and one game series and making a solid album. You’ll definitely hear influences of modern progressive artists like Periphery, TesseracT, Plini, as well as more ’90s musicians like Pantera and Alice in Chains sneaking into the tunes; interestingly I mostly listened to pop and musicals while recording it! I hope everyone who listens to The Dark Hunter feels inspired to pick up a 7-string guitar or at least Super MetroidMetroid Prime, or the new Metroid: Samus Returns game!”

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