Mini Fighter Tour: Intimiate Look At All The Features

Mini Fighter Tour: Intimiate Look At All The Features
By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist


Mini Fighter is a free to play MMO. The game plays much like an arcade fighter such as Street Fighter. There are various characters you can select each with their own play styles and moves. You are given one character card of your choice when beginning the game. These are the required to play characters and can be obtained later on by playing mini games, running dungeons and more. This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Levels do not matter in PvP so it is all about the skill of the player!


I was lucky enough to be given a tour by the Mini Fighter team. They took me through all the main features of the game. This article is written according to the order of the tour. Continue reading to learn more!

The tour begins!

I logged in and went to the meeting spot to be greeted by the team. Since the meeting spot was the fishing zone, we decided to begin learning about fishing. The fishing system in Mini Fighter is pretty simple. You can buy various fishing rods from the NPC. Afterwards, you simply double click on your rod to begin fishing. There are two methods to fish, auto and manual. Both speak for themselves, auto fishing allows your character to fish even if you are away while manual requires user input. Since manual fishing requires you to be at your computer, it has a higher chance to catch fish. This simple yet handy system allows users to gain some Mifa, which is the ingame currency or a random item while they are not playing.


Mini Fighter Fishing



Afterwards, we moved on to the quiz system. This is one of the many mini games offered in Mini Fighter. All of them are a good way to entertain yourself if you don’t feel like fighting. In the quiz game you are asked questions. They are all multiple choice but quite hard. You are required to move onto a platform according to what your choice is. This quiz can be done with many people at once and if you answer the question correctly, you will be rewarded with EXP and Mifa!


Minifighter Quiz



Next, we visited the Grand Arena. The Grand Arena is the built in tournament system which features ladder type matches. This means winner goes on to face the other winners until there is only one victor. The Grand Arena opens every two hours and stays open for an hour. That is good for about three rounds. Before the tournament starts, sixteen players are required to sign up.


We also took a look at the Theatre. In the Theatre you can see background stories of all characters. After the Theatre came the Training Academy. As the name suggests, you can use the area to train. You can practice against NPCs to master all your combos. There is also the Arcade where you can fight NPCs of various difficulties. This allows you to try out all characters without needing the character cards!


Once I had tried out the Arcade, we moved on to one of my favorite features of this game; the battle room. The battle room is used to allow you to compete against other players in 14 different types of mini games. These can range from playing soccer, fighting head to head in a death match or having a jump contest where the player to reach the top first wins. This allows players to have something else to do once they are bored of grinding. At the end of each one of the games you select one of three cards where you can win items like a character card! Best of all, character levels do not matter in the battle room! It is all about skill.



Against the Team Mini Fighter

Going up against the team!


Talking about grinding, we got to take a look at one of the dungeons in this game; the Shirukya Dungeon. The aims of all dungeons are pretty simple. Go in alone or with your party and kill all enemies until you defeat the boss. At the end you are awarded with EXP and Mifa with a chance to select one out of three hidden cards, which can award you with items such as upgraded equipment!



Mini Fighter Shirukya

Beating Shirukya


Another thing you can do when you don’t feel like running dungeons is a visit to the Coliseum. This is a 20 v 20 arena where teams compete to reach 50 knock outs before the other team. At the bottom of all the platforms are boss monsters for each team. If your boss is killed, the opposing team is granted 10KOs! Be sure to protect your boss!


To make sure that you can efficiently defeat monsters, there is a Fusion and Enchant system. This system is pretty simple and can be used to upgrade items and cards. The power of character cards is displayed with their stars. You can mix three of the same character cards with the same amount of stars for a chance to get one higher leveled card. Alternatively you can mix three different character cards with the same amount of stars and you will receive a random character with a random amount of stars.


OnRPG was given an exclusive tour of the soon to come Castle Siege. It is basically a guild versus guild area. Each channel has four castles, which will be open at a special time that has yet to be decided. The game works like a traditional capture the flag game. The guild that comes out as the victor will receive double exp for twenty-four hours!



Mini Fighter

The upcoming Castle Siege


Finally, we stopped by the boss zone. I had never tried this mode before the tour so I really enjoyed the chance to see it. Basically, you buy a potion from an NPC, which allows you to transform into a powerful boss monster. There are various potions at different prices that feature stronger bosses. I went for the strongest boss and went head to head with the team! The boss receives EXP by killing players and once the boss has been taken down, players receive Mifa as drops.



Mini Fighter Fire Guy

Yes, I am that fire guy.


I was not the only one asking the questions!

Before this tour, I had been working with the Mini Fighter community to come up with questions that they wanted answered. The Mini Fighter team was very nice has replied to all your questions!


1. Players are confused as to why Korean Mini Fighter players are allowed into the UMC. They are experienced players and some believe this is not fair for the players in Netmarble’s version. Can you explain why this was done? 
Answer: Aside from a few countries that have their own Mini Fighter server, the game is open to all users all around the world. The Korean users who took part in the latest UMC had access to the game outside of Korea, which is why they were allowed to participate. The same policies will apply to UMCs in the future: if a user from a country with the Mini Fighter service gains access from a third country, he/she will be entitled to attend the UMC. 


2. There are some connection problems with some players right now. Mostly, the game runs fine, but some players tend to skip across the screen. Players from around the world are allowed to play and according to the community this is what causes the lag. Will there be an IP block in future? 
Answer: Mini Fighter is a P2P game. and the developers of this game recognize that this lag is causing discomfort to other users and do the best to solve the problem. The main reason for the lag is the long-distance connection. In our efforts to improve the game environment, will increase the number of regional servers starting in February of this year. 


Note: Just recently a new server was added! Great job listening to your players!


3. Many players are looking forward to playing more games by Netmarble. Can we expect any new games to come out soon? Could we get some information on release dates? 🙂 
Answer: Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about additional release dates at this time. 


4. The ranking system works by measuring the level of a player and their win/loss ratio. This could be abused by players trading wins with friends or they can make themselves an alternate account. What is the plan to prevent cheating the ranking system? 
Answer: The ranking system is experiencing unforeseen abuse by users who are able to raise their win rates by using shortcuts. These users may have great rates but this does not prove their skill. The development team is planning ways to prevent this abuse with additional technical support, while at the same time looking for ways to make the ranking system more just. 


There is a system called ‘Netmarblers’ in the website that is in charge of giving out awards for different categories through community activities and ranking charts. Our very own community managers are trying their best to weed out abusive users in advance. We will do our best to establish a fairer ranking system. 


5. NPCs are spread out across the game. Not all cities have the same NPCs. You have to go to another city if the current one does not have the correct NPC. Why was this done? 
Answer: This was intended to help users get together. NPCs can be divided into two large groups: functional NPCs, which are placed in most villages, and community NPCs, which connect to Quiz Zone and Sky Zone, and are placed on larger maps. This was planned in advance by the game development team in order to help users get together in specific locations and form a community. 


6. Could you briefly explain the card enchanting process? 
Answer: In Global Mini Fighter, users can fuse cards up to 10 levels, collect three cards of the same tier, and take them to Miew – the enchant NPC. She will merge the cards together into one card of a higher level. There are two ways to fuse the cards, but combining three cards of the same character has a slightly higher success rate than combining three cards with different characters. Each character card can be upgraded using an enchant item of the same tier. Character cards will be updated to over 10 levels depending on the extent of their distribution among the players. For further information, please click on the link below. 


Fusion system:



Although I have covered the main features this game has to offer, there are many more for you to discover. The team that led me through the tour was very nice, helpful and informative. Please be sure to give this game a try. It is not like your average grinder, skill actually matters in PvP.


– PvP is about player skill, not levels.
– Many things to do other than grinding.
– GM team listens to players.
– Unique gameplay (from other MMOs)
– Easy to learn, hard to master.


– Connections are Peer to Peer meaning long distance players will lag. (A new server was added recently, slowly all lag will vanish)
– Not much customization
– appearance changes with cash shop clothing. 

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