Mir2 Interview: Answers from the Developers at Gamepot

Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg Journalist
Answered by the developers at Gamepot

The following is a special interview answered by the Mir2 staff at Gamepot. It contains some pretty neat information about the game, and of course… its developers! Check this out for a few hinted sneak-peaks and information on some high levelled content! The Mir2 staff left us with a quick comment that may nibble at your curiosity: “I think Mir2 is one of the few games that patches at least once a month.  We are continually working on new content as well as new items that should be coming in the very near future.” Read on for more!

Onrpg: How has Gamepot’s commitment to quality as Japan’s most successful game publisher benefited Mir2? What steps have you gone through to make this game a great one? 
As you mentioned, our commitment to high-quality is well-known in Japan, and thus far, that’s translated to Mir2 in terms of events, items, constant content updates, and consistent community interaction.  Our players have responded quite well to this, and we only plan on improving.

Onrpg: What kind of partnerships have you made overseas, and how have they furthered your production of the game?
Gamepot usually has a range of partners that enable us to stay on the cutting edge of both game publishing, new platforms and development.  We’ve spent time lining up our suite of quality, innovative partners, and we should be ready to make some announcements soon.

Onrpg: Why have you decided to keep the traditional isometric view for Mir2? What compels players to play this game style?
We felt it would be awkward to suddenly change it, especially when that is what many long-time fans expected.  We believe that the classic top-down style works best for nostalgic gameplay.

Onrpg: Could you give us a little rundown on the unique combination of PvE and PvP combat Mir2 offers?
Sure.  In addition to the 400+ monsters hell-bent on destroying the players, they can also attack other players in certain zones; however, if they do this, they’ll incur the wrath of the town’s guards.  They can and will attack you on sight if you’re causing too much havoc.  Think of it as a simplified version of the “Wanted Stars System” in GTA.

Onrpg: What makes Mir2 such a social MMORPG?
Beyond the standard features, such as a friends list, Mir2 has guild, and soon, guild castles, where players can have their own private war between rival castles.  In addition to that, we often hold live events that range from monster invasions to competitions, so players can meet potential friends.

MIR2 Graphics

Onrpg: Do you believe tight-knit communities are more valuable than large ones? Why?
We look at a tight-knit community and a large community through a “family lens”.  You can have a large family, where certain family members hang out or are interested in something, while the other family members have different interests.  So from that perspective, there isn’t a more valuable member of the family, they’re all important.  The larger the family, the more valuable the family itself is.

Onrpg: What kind of content do you tend to release weekly? Are there updates for experienced players as much as there are for new ones?
Yes.  Our weekly content releases usually vary between new weapons, areas, bosses and events.  New and older players both find our updates appealing.

Onrpg: It seems you have a very interesting summer planned. What kind of events do you have in store for the players?
We conducted a Summer Event where players were able to obtain Mir Tokens to use for some mini games that if completed you receive another item.  You collect all 5 and exchange it for a chance at some high level rings.  While the chance is quite low, it is more for the fun of doing something different.  A few PvP events are planned as well but I can’t disclose the details just yet as it would ruin the surprise. 

Onrpg: Is PvP the most concentrated aspect of the game? Do you believe that the loss of items upon death turns people off of the game?
PvP is the most attractive part of the game for many players; we feel that the item loss mechanic provides increased tensions and danger-two engrossing factors for any battle.  High-risk, high reward-it’s something that the players have responded well to thus far.

Onrpg: How would you say Mir2 has a lot of longevity?
The game’s been around for quite a while, and we believe in its staying power.  In the end, a good game is a good game, and often times, players prefer a solid, fun game, rather than one that needs a high-end graphics card.

Onrpg: What makes Mir2 unique on the MMO market as far as features are concerned?
Mir2 combines excellent PvE content, with intense PvP action with over 400 items spread across over 500 maps.  Along with that, the isometric view provides a unique twist on navigation and gameplay.  When you think about all that, and then realize that we have a slew of events every month, from item drops to monster summons. And best of all, its 100% free.  Our free trial is the entire game for as long as you want. 

Onrpg: What deadly spells and weapons can player’s access in higher levels?
There are a few devastating spells that players can cast: Flame Field, Flame Bolt, Resurrection, Poison Field, Slashing Bust, and Blade Avalanche are high level spells.  While on the hand-to-hand side, the Dragon Sword, Judgement Mace, War Mage Staff, Soul Spring Wand, and Blades of Darkness are the high level weapons at the moment.  

The Judgement Mace isn’t like a normal mace in that there is not heavy weight at the end but the whole length of the mace is a heavy long metal head.  The Dragon Sword is similar to a scimitar, but with a larger blade-perfect for a close shave.


Onrpg: Could you give us a little information on the various landscapes of Mir2?
The beginner area is Bichon Province, known as “BW” from EuroMir.  It’s mainly a forest with a small desert area to the north.  Prajna Island is a higher level area where three higher level dungeons are located and the only area that is not connected to a mountain at any side.  Castle Gi-Ryoong with the Black Dragon Dungeon to the north is one of the smallest zones but has the highest level dungeon in Mir 2 so far.  The story and entire world of Mir 2 is based on a mountain that was created from a disastrous event and so every region with the exception of Prajna Island is surrounded by mountains. 

Onrpg: Are players able to customize their characters?
Yes, players have access to wide variety of items both in-game and the Cash Shop.  We have effects, and a plethora of fashion choices to truly make your character unique.

Onrpg: What is in the future for Mir2? Any specific content updates on the way?
I think Mir2 is one of the few games that patches at least once a month.  We are continually working on new content as well as new items that should be coming in the very near future.  We can’t say exactly what it is that we are bringing into the game but maybe you can just “ride along” with what we have said so far. 

Onrpg: Thanks for answering the questions!

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