MMO Babes Galore: Pixel Loveliness

MMO Babes Galore: Pixel Loveliness
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG journalist

Half time break!


After reading tons of reviews from the MMO list, I though it would be nice to sit down and have a break with our MMO lovelies. Do I really have to have a reason to post and discuss MMO babes? Here we have a set of feisty females ready to enhance your gaming zen. It would definitely suck if muscles were the only things that populated MMO games right? It’s girly madness right here folks, although I’m afraid there’s no Lara Croft here as we’re tired of her overrated polygonal funbags. Join us as we unveil Onrpg’s very own list of top MMO babes.


Avalon & Jessica – Hellgate London

Status: retired & probably looking for another job

If there were evera reason why gamers would buy a crappy game like Hellgate London, it would definitely be Avalon and Jessica. For those of you who don’t know, Avalon is the sexy black-haired Templar who faced the gigantic demon in the early trailers. She’s so hot that she actually gained a spot in the videogame edition of Playboy magazine where she showed (uh hem) the underlying sexiness beneath her oh so tight armor. As for Jessica, having a hot blonde babe lead an anti demon force would be far more effective than any Uncle Sam poster, yes? We’re actually trying to hire a private eye to find out their whereabouts after the unfortunate closing of Hellgate London. Rawr!


Avalon Hellgate Babe



Jessica Hellgate London

And Jessica


Nao Mariota Pryderi – Mabinogi

Status: Still there and single WOOT

After meeting Nao in the world of Mabinogi, I finally knew why the MMOs use the theme “fantasy life”. No doubt that this angel is one of the hottest babes in MMO history. With that tight dress (too tight for her own good) and puppy dog eyes, she should definitely watch out (*snarl). Nao as a kid was quite jealous of other girls whose bodies matured earlier than hers. Upon seeing what she’s become, I kinda wonder who’s laughing now. Nao can raise people from the dead, which is a rather scary skill for a hot chick to posses. She also accepts gifts (clothes and costumes) and gladly wears them for you if you want… She’s definitely BIG in more ways than one.


Nao Mariota Pryderi Mabinogi

Nao Mariota Pryderi


Valeera Sanguinar & Jaina Proudmoore – World of Warcraft

Status: Single, but her heart is taken

Ooh la la! I’ve never seen a blood-elf dress this hawt before. Valeera Sanguinar is a feisty little thing who served King Varian for years. I don’t know what’s wrong with the guy but I would definitely have kept her in the castle if I were king. Valeera was orphaned as a kid after her village was pillaged by a pack of unruly bandits. She then entered the bloody ring as a gladiator along with Broll Bearmantle and Lo’gosh (Now King Varian Wrynn). Valeera like most Bloodelves is very susceptible to arcane addiction, this particular drug drives her insane at times, but it’s okay cause’ every womangets like that occasionally. She used to dress in a very skimpy outfit, which revealed most of her sexyfigure, too bad it was replaced by a rather unorthodox set of armor that doesn’t seem to be as sexy as the old one.


Jaina Proudmoore Babe

Jaina Proudmoore


As for Jaina Proudmoore. This girl captured the hearts of both Kaelthas Sunstrider and the Lich King himself (at least when he was still human). Jaina wears an armored dress that seems to hug her body oh so perfectly. One look and you know she’s hiding an awesome bod inside that epic gear. Geez no wonder Kaelthas went all emo, cause this is one girl you wouldn’t want to lose.


The Karfras – Ragnarok Online

Status: No idea


(*Sigh) Kafras represents the hottie stereotypes from most anime films. They have lolitas, BIG mature females, innocent looking girlies and overly boyish/aggressive girls. There’s nothing more to ask as Ragnarok has hired these babes to teleport players from one place to another, as well as store items for later use. I’m not sure if it’s a scam set by Ragnarok online, but I’ve been teleporting and storing stuff more often than I was supposed to. Kafra charms? Maybe.


Kafra Ragnarok



Eve and Cynn – Guildwars

Status: Still being paid for service.

Eve and Cynn are mercenaries whom you would definitely want in your party. Aside from Cynn’s powerful elemental damage, Eve can also supply you with a bunch of meat warriors who will fight to even the odds. Cynn is a smart-arse mage who acts like a spoiled princess, leading her to more trouble than a bowl of Charr warriors. She’s also very smart and quite talented in the arts of magic. Eve on the other hand is a total psycho (then again, psycho chicks rule). Not only does she experiment on dead bodies, she also talks to a hollow skull that she calls Adam. Aside from adding sexy aesthetics to your band of merry men, these girls can definitely pack a punch. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Charr.


Eve Guild WarsCynn Guild Wars

Eve and Cynn in Guild Wars


The Elves of Lineage II – Lineage II (doi)

Status: Still seducing people

Yes sir! It’s the elves of Lineage II! No I’m not talking about the Elves alone. I’m taking about both the Caucasian and darkelves. Aside from their difference in color, these babes really know how to accessorize. The White elves do dress a bit conservatively compared to the drow (dark elves) but they still give an image of elegance unmatched by non-elven creatures. As for the dark elves… eh hem no sir, that is not a magic wand in your pocket. Dark elves are sexy beyond reason, with their well-curved bodies and oh so seductive looks. They seem to really enjoy wearing armor that doesn’t really protect them from harm; instead, wearing a series of belt-like straps that covers just the faintest details of their naked bodies. Kinda gives you a good idea why their enemies are so distracted. Are they really dressed for war?


Lineage Elves

Elves in Lineage


The Rakshasa – Tantra

Status: Still not wearing armor

Rakshasas are the resident assassins of Tantra. These women are bound to blow your head off(no pun intended). Vanity is one of their leading traits, and yet what’s not to be vain about? Here we have women with daggers dressed up like they’re taking a long vacation ata beach resort. I suppose I can smile while under their leg headlocks or deathgrips. At least I can die with a smile on my face.


Tantra Rakshasa


It would seem that Single player games aren’t the only ones who can have gaming babes. Honestly, MMO babes are sexier and definitely dress up skimpier than their single player counterparts. The best part is that you’ll be seeing them until you quit the game. Since the game doesn’t end, feel free to visit them and maybe… just maybe, someday they will jump out of your screen and…

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