MMO Things You Wish Were Real

MMO Things You Wish Were Real
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Due to the many limitations of reality, one can’t help but want to access things born in the world of fantasy. This brings people to new adventures such as LARP (Live Action Role Playing), but what if you could actually design life your own way by picking an array of MMO features to customize it? Are you sure you want to ride that bike for the rest of your life? You have a car you say? What about an epic black dragon mount (would save you gas)? Enclosed is a list of things that would definitely make life more awesome. The world needs a lot of adjustments, and gamers have a lot of ideas what they should be. Join me as we check MMOs for features that could be awesome in real life.


1) Elves

Elves are always hotter than humans (and more stylish). You can probably tell why girls enjoy picking elves over all the other races. They can also use magic and are normally trained combatants. Perfect girl/boyfriend? I’m not much of a Lord of the Rings fan, but it would seem that Orlando bloomed (pun intended) among women after attaining the role of Legolas. Now that I think about it, Elves are normally the most populated race in almost MMOs, so why not give the world what they want?


Wish Elves
A little too perfect perhaps?


2) Magic

If everyone had the right and ability to learn magic, then we wouldn’t look like fools watching David Blaine’s fraud magic tricks now would we? Magic is helpful in almost everyway. Ever wonder what it would be like to use Magic for domestic purposes? Self-cleaning brooms would rock. It doesn’t really have to be channeled magic per se. What about teleportation? Wouldn’t it be grand to travel across the world without having to succumb to the prices of the airlines? Food can also be conjured through magic, and would probably be the only cure for global famine. There’s also the summon succubus skill that….. okay… I’ll shut up now… 


Wish Magic


3) Mounts

If mounts can really fly that high, run that fast, and still be kept in the comforts of your pocket (like most mounts in MMOs do), then parking wouldn’t be such a pain. They’re low maintenance creatures, who don’t even have to be fed in order to function properly, making them the ideal form of transportation (next to teleportation). When was the last time your online persona had to worry about parking?


WIsh Mount
Does it come in black?


4) Chickens (cowards) of the MMO world

You know what’s better than a blacksmith asking you to get him stuff to make your sword plus extra cash? A coward, that’s what. Quest cowards are found in almost every MMO. These are the fools who are too scared to either deliver a letter or tell someone something straight. If you’re wondering why the world would be better this way, these chickens actually pay you tons of gold to deliver messages. One more thing is that the person you need to find is normally 3 blocks away from the guy. If you’re looking for easy money, then this is the best freelance job ever.


5) Stat Items and Socketed Ones

Why settle for school when you can just wear your +7 intelligence robe to do your accounting? This could work in a whole variety of ways. STR makes you fight better, DEX allows you to actually dodge accordingly, maybe even hide from your parents when you’re busy playing a game. Don’t mess with me in football practice man! My helmet gives me +4 VIT, so you won’t be able to take me down that easily.


+5 Impress Girls Plx


6) Enchantments

With the presence of stat items and socketed stuff, you can always have your normal gear enchanted to create your very own unique tier gear. I mean what if you can enchant your pen to make you write faster, or maybe your shoes to make you jump higher? We’re all stuck in this not so diverse world, where everyone is bound by the laws of physics. It wouldn’t hurt to get a few extra jumps when playing basketball. Enchantments (much like in games) are not only applied to items, but players as well. These are mostly known as buffs in the MMO slang. Geez, how I wish I could get that Blessing of Kings before work.


7) Potions and Scrolls

Tired? Why consume your Red Bull when you can have a stamina potion that keeps you alive and running for more than 24 hours? HP potions can also heal you of your injuries as well as abnormal stats. Perhaps the best item in this category would be the revive scroll… I DON’T FEAR DEATH! I HAVE THE SCROLL! I mean come on! Flasks of liquid that keep you from dying for 50 copper a piece (probably a dollar in the stock market lol)?


Magic Potion
Only for the most dire moments


8) Reset

Perhaps the most useful MMO feature that SHOULD be implemented in real life is the stat reset feature. We’ve all made mistakes, and some of them we are unable to learn from. There are cases when we actually get lost when leveling ourselves in real life. Some put too much INT, some put too much STR, and most just increases LUK. It wouldn’t hurt to have this feature as the world would most likely be a better place when we at least have one measly stat reset in a lifetime.


Back to Reality

If only life had its fair share of patches and updates that gives way to new content. Will cars ever fly? The closest thing we will ever get to an epic flying mount would probably be a flying DeLorean. Life may be absurd at times, but the happiness we feel when playing these games would most likely lessen after experiencing the same in real life. Games are here to take us away, and if the features are found in real life, then we would probably have games based on the lives we live today.

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