MMO Winter Events 2012 Master List

MMO Winter Events 2012 Master List

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



If you’re looking for events to take part in this year we have plenty of options for you to browse!




Age of Conan – A Bloody Solstice – December 14 – January 7


The traditional winter event is back again for another year. It includes two solo quests and one group quest. Seasonal items include furry boots, a furry hat and an Arctic Hare. Or for those who prefer consumables you can stock up on some Asgardian Stout or fireworks.



Aion – Solorius Season – December 12 – January 2


Solorius is all about the Grankers. Capture them, motivate them, or kill their King for Solorius Coins. And with your coins you can buy everything from jackets to a Christmas tree for your house or even a cake.



Allods – Winter Magic – December 14 – January 31

Father Winter and Snow Maiden return to warm up your winter blues. Father Winter has quests for you to help spread the holiday cheer. But if you’re greedy with your gifts you can get the Greedy Grandfather buff, making you a giant snowball magnet. And should you open some gifts you might get some Frosty Underwear, or maybe a Warm New Year Cape is more your style. Those really lucky have a chance for a Tamed Icy Wyrm or one of two color patterns as well as a variety of other items.



APB – Gift-mas – December 12 – ?


The Elves from last year’s Elf-Inflicted Wounds are back again this year. But now they’re contacts for some exciting holiday missions. Players can get festive titles, clothing and even a modified grenade launcher for snowball fights.



Arcane Legends – Winter Wonderland


The old Jul festival has been celebrated in Arlor for centuries. The holiday honors ancient heroes that defeated invading giants. Citizens of Arlor traditionally dress up to resemble the various giants.During the Jul festival a goblin in holiday apparel who will sometimes pop out of chests.  If players manage to kill it they have a chance of receiving a piece of The Winter Wonderland gear. A level cap increase and new pets and skills are also included in this update.



BlackShot – Christmas Maps – December 21 – 25


Take out special monsters on Christmas themed maps for a chance to get Christmas weapons.



Dark Age of Camelot – Midwinter – December 13 – January 7


Lost gifts, giant trees, festival tents, and festivals are all part of the Midwinter celebrations taking place. Help decorate, find presents, or try out Trinkets for Tots.



DCUO – Season’s Greedings – December 11 – ?

Larfleeze is up to no good again. Not only is he stealing presents his plots are turning towards the fight between Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps in Downtown Metropolis. And any presents you find might just have a fun costume hidden inside.



District 187 – Police Navidad


Three new maps are the highlight of District 187’s holiday festivities this year. There is also a Santa Gangsta or a Rudolf Copper to play with if you like. And if weapons are your thing then check out the holiday themed AK47 or the Snowman Grenade.



DotA 2 – Attack of the Greevils

Winter was supposed to bring peace to the world of Dota 2. Both the Radiant and the Dire were ready to relax in their bases without worrying about fighting each other.  With the river freezing, both teams were preparing their skating gear. Frostivus was near. But that all changed when the Greevils attacked! The same Greevils we spent our Halloween time working to nurture and hatch. The Greeviling calls to both the Radiant and Dire to take out camps of Greevils which are occupying old neutral camps across the map. But this would not be Dota 2 if there wasn’t a competition coupled with lots of free gifts! The Radiant and Dire compete to eliminate 11 Greevil camps as fast as humanely, or whatever species you are, possible. This new fast paced and exciting game mode is an amazing addition to the world of Dota 2. Keep an eye on the horizon for full coverage on The Greeviling.


Dungeons and Dragons Online – Festivult – December 5 – January 13


Money and festival coins abound this year during Festivult. Turn in coins to the Festivult Jester for special gifts through January 13. But be aware, you can only get the coins from treasure chests until January 6th.



EVE –Holiday Celebration 2012 – December 13 – ?


Even space ships enjoy a good snowball fight. In addition to the largest snowballs you can look forward to gifts on December 20th and 27th.



Everquest 2 – Frostfell – December 13 – January 10

Frostfell is back again in Everquest II.Holidayfavorites are back with the event again. Help out Queen Bunny, Snarf Frostfoot, Mr. McScroogle, Gardy Ex-Giftgiver, and Candice Cheriweth. New this year is a gingerbread themed dungeon , tradable gifts, a holiday flying mount, and new crafting items.



Forge of Empires – All December


Frosty has come to town and every day in December he’s asking for your help. As a thank you for helping out there is a chance of getting a Nutcracker building or a building being kept secret.



Final Fantasy XI – Starlight Celebration – December 18 – 31


Minigames will be available throughout the Starlight Celebration. For those that win comes music. Change the music of your Mog house or dress up in Santa (or Mrs. Clause) outfits.



Grepolis – Advent Calendar – December 1 – 31


An Advent Calendar highlights the events this year in Grepolis oh and presents. In the presents can be anything from buffs to battle units. At the end players can enter their calendars into a competition. The top three will win gold.



Guild Wars – Wintersday – December 13 – January 2


New quests and old are a feature this year in Guild Wars. There will also be snowball fights, tournaments all of it wrapping up with a limited time finale. On January 1 from 3AM EST to January 2 at 3AM the finale will run every three hours in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan.



Guild Wars 2 – Wintersday – December 14 – January 3

Asuran toymaker Tixx makes his way through Tyria in a massive airship toy factory, each day sees a new stop and a new holiday themed dungeon inside the airship. There are also new items in the Gem Store to enjoy. Snowball fights, a bell choir and and jumping puzzle round out the Wintersday events.



Lord of the Rings Online – Yule Festival


There are new quests in the festival area this year. In addition you can challenge friends to snowball fights, catch a show at the local theatre, take part in an eating contest or enjoy the atmosphere of the Festival Square. From December 16th there will also be festival items in the store.



Microvolts – Naughty & Nice


This year it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, Microvolts has something for everyone. A new Academy map has been made available and every character is getting new, limited time holiday parts. And the store has exclusive holiday themed weapons like the Holiday Tree Melee or the GiftGun.



NavyField – Big December Party – December 6 – 31


December 6, 9, 16, 23, 24, and 31 NavyField players can get amazing bonuses which can be up to a 500% increased chance to convert Experts to Veterans! And every day in December you can get 30% more EXP, Credits and Points.



Planet Calypso – Merry Mayhem – December 14 – January 6


A Merry Mayhem hunting contest is on in Planet Calypso, but only for 30 hours of playtime. Awards are given to players or teams with the most kill points over no more than 30 hours (60 for teams).



RaiderZ – Winter Festival – December 12 – January 2


Collect Christmas cards for sweet gear, defend against an invasion of snowmen, and battle the Ice Queen in a special quest instance this festive season. If costumes are your thing then you’re in luck as there are all new Christmas costumes. Check it all out in the video.




Rift – Fae Yule


Sledding, snowball fights, lighting candles Fae Yule Instant Adventures and Rifts. It’s all there this year. The Fae Yule event is a multiphase event with a whole lot to look forward to and items galore. Buy festive decorations for your dimension, drinks, and everything you may have missed last year.



RuneScape – Xmas 2012/Winter Weekend – December


Every weekend in December is a reason to celebrate! Amazing bonuses are available for players every weekend through December. Plus there is the Xmas 2012 Stray Dog event.



Spiral Knights – Winterfest Prize Box Extravaganza – December 12 – January 3


With select energy purchases players have the chance to get prize boxes. In them are items for guild halls, confetti, or even the rare Impostoclaus Costume. There is also a chance that each box could contain a bonus item such as Slot Upgrades or a Heat Amplifier.



Star Trek – Q’s Winter Wonderland – December 6 – January 14

Q has returned with his winter planet to celebrate the end of another year. A new gazebo has been added this year to make socializing a bit more friendly. Local snowmen have been animated, so keep yourself armed with snowballs.



TERA – Santa Slay – December 14 – January 2



Hunt down Santa this year and take him out. Fat Santas and Tiny Santas are scattered across the world in TERA, defeating them gets you fat loot and tiny treasures including cosmetic items and high level consumables.



Wakfu – Kwismas


Take part in a wild snowball fight in a new pvp area. Or maybe dungeons are more your thing, there are two of them, Father Kwismas’ Lair and his house. An all new quest line which rewards the throw snowball emote and five new titles are available.



Warhammer: Age of Reckoning – Keg End – December 13 – January 4

The Dwarf New Years festival of Keg End is upon us and filled with a Dwarf’s favorite things. Beer, Boasting and Boo…explosions. Let off fireworks, take part in a pub crawl or search for the Legendary Gold Stein.



World of Warcraft – Feast of Winter Veil – December 15 – January 2


As part of WoW’s biggest festival of there are nine different activities to take part in, tons of pets to get, recipes and other fun items, achievements, titles and much more.

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