MMORPG Weekly News Roundup: October 26th – November 2nd


I thought I might as well just dive straight into the news this week.  Surprisingly there have been some very interesting pieces of news.  Read on to see what’s going on in the MMORPG universe.


ArenaNet grants wish to heart transplant patient

I thought I would start this week off with a heart warming story, courtesy of  Emily, is a high school junior who was diagnosed with a unique case of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  HCM, as it’s commonly referred to, is a condition where the heart muscle becomes thickened.  However due to a genetic abnormality of the mitochondria, Emily’s thickened heart muscle has thinned, the volume has increased, and the ability of the muscle to relax has diminished. 


Emily became a Guild Wars fan last year while waiting for a heart transplant and continued to play the game whilst recovering.  She spent much of her time on it whilst in hospital.


The Make-A-Wish Foundation gave her a special opportunity to travel down to Seattle, where AreanaNet is based, to not only talk to section heads about her likes and dislikes of Guild Wars but to also play the much awaited Guild Wars 2.  Emily managed to get some up close and personal time with the game whilst giving feedback as a fan of the series.  Not only that though, towards the end of the day the developers asked if she could stay for a while and help them whilst they design an “Event” for the game.
It’s really great to see some PC developers reaching out to their fans and getting them involved in their development process.  Not only that but to care about their fan base and, in this particular instant, to help one of their fans through a tough time in their life, is refreshing in an industry that is quickly becoming focused on money.

Good job ArenaNet, now if only Infinity Ward could learn from your lessons and actually give a hoot about the community that plays their game.  And yes…I did just go there. 


Final Fantasy XI

There is a reason why there is a lot of news regarding Final Fantasy XI in these weekly news roundups and that’s generally because Square really seem to be pumping it out.  Well done SE!  Anyway, here’s the news.



Final Fantasy XI: A Shantotto Ascension Trailer

A new trailer has popped up for FFXI’s new mini expansion, A Shantotto Ascension.  You can check out the new trailer here.

Add On Bonus Gift

“What’s this?  A gift for me?” you’re probably thinking, and in answer to that question which you didn’t ask, yes there is a gift for you! 


“To commemorate the release of the third and final add-on scenario, we are proud to introduce the “Nexus Cape,” an in-game bonus item for players who have purchased the entire trilogy. All characters under a single player account registered for all three add-ons will be eligible for this gift.”

I bet you’re wondering whether or not you’ll be about to get this new item if you buy the new collector’s edition of the game, which comes out on the 10th November (12th November for Europeans).  The answer is, yes. 


Warhammer Online

10 Day Trial To Be Removed For WAR

With the new 1.3.2 update, which brings many cool features to Warhammer Online, comes an unlimited free trial.  Instead of only being able to play for 10 days, instead you’ll be able to play until the first tier.  It normally takes roughly 10 days to reach the first tier, however this removal of a time limit will hopefully allow players to take their time and really enjoy the game…and of course, get addicted to it.


That’s pretty cool, right?  I can’t wait to give the unlimited free trial a run for its money.  Yes that was supposed to be a pun.


AP Regen
For those that perhaps didn’t realise, there have been some changes to the AP system.  AP affects everyone in the game, so if you play WAR then it would be well worth your time giving this article on the official website a glance over. 


You can read it all here.
There’s also a cool quote to make it worth your while, “AP should be a pool, not an ocean.” – Gett of Dark Crag


Guild Wars

New Guild Wars PVP Henchmen Added

As some of you may know ArenaNet recently held a competition to see who could come up with the best skill bars for henchmen in PVP.  They were introduced in an update on the 29th October.  It’s actually quite cool, as the development team have given the characters their own looks and personal charm.  Not only that, but by clicking on them you can also view what skills they have. 

The only downside is that Heroes have been removed from the PVP (due to some technical hiccups), however they will be added back in pretty soon.

 World of Warcraft

In an upcoming patch the sister blade of the Quel’Serrar will be obtainable by players.  You can view some history about the new blade, named the Quel’Delar here.




Asda Story

Chapter Two Maintenance Contents

This new contents patch, released on the 26th October, includes some neat new features such as a “Buff Timer Display”!  I’m just messing with you, those aren’t the only cool things added in this large update.  You can find a whole list of all of the added content here.


Dungeon Fighter

NX Game Cards

For those of you that read my last news update, you’ll be happy to know that the issue regarding the 10,000 NX Game Cards refusing to work has been resolved.  If you were one of the many unlucky people who could not use your game card, you should try to redeem them again as they should work now.



Aion Veteran Rewards

A few weeks ago the developers behind Aion mentioned Veteran Rewards.   The idea behind these “rewards” is that “the longer you play Aion, the cooler things you get!”.  The rewards will start becoming available from the 4th November.


Preview Of Aion Patch 1.5.1
A new update is in the testing phase, you can find the tentative patch notes right here.  Unfortunately there is no release date for this patch, however it is looking like it’s well worth the wait.




DSi XL Announced

Once again Nintendo tries to segregate its market with the announcement of a newer DSi coming out.  The only addition to this new DSi “XL” is bigger screens.  Someone really has to tell Nintendo that they’re just confusing their demographics with all of these products on the market.  Then again, I can’t blame the company from bringing out new hardware, as that is all they make money from.  Ouch!


Modern Warfare 2

As jockyitch from put it, “It’s almost as if I cannot shut my computer off for more than ten minutes before IW shoots themselves in the foot during these last stages of the MW2 release”.


Well Infinity Ward has done it again with this video.  I think the main problem with the video is the acronym.  Thankfully IW pulled down the video in response to people’s complaints. 

For those of you that perhaps didn’t know, last week there was also leaked footage of MW2 on youtube.  In this footage the player controlled a CIA agent undercover as terrorist and the player had to shoot innocent people.  This obviously didn’t float with the vast majority of people, even if you are allowed to skip the event.

Infinity Wards marketing campaign is slowly failing the game, and the developer’s words about certain things, such as dedicated servers, can only be described as stupid and ignorant.  Hopefully they’ll learn to keep their mouth shut (and to stop releasing pointless advertising) for the time being and to just let the game do the talking.


Capcom Zombies Invade The Street Of London


From Kotaku:

Celebrating the end of the London Games Festival and the upcoming release of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Resident Evil fans took to the streets of London on Halloween for an Undead Pride parade.



The horde descended on Tate Modern in London on Saturday, with more than 50 zombies aided by the Viking Hats Zombie Crawl Team making up the shambling, moaning, and decomposing army of Resident Evil fans.
If you ask me, there’s not enough mass hysteria in mass marketing. Nicely done, Capcom UK PR team!


That’s pretty awesome PR if you ask me.


So that’s it for another weekly roundup!  I hope you can join me next week for another round of news!  Keep gaming everyone!  I’ll see you next time.

~Joshua Temblett

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