Monster Hunter: World is Now Available on Steam

Monster Hunter World - The Hunt is on

You aren’t getting away! Wait! Stop! You’re getting away!

The latest entry in Capcom’s lauded Monster Hunter series is now available for digital purchase on Steam: Monster Hunter: World! More than eight million units shipped globally, and this vast, living world is now playable even on PC. Either playing solo, or grouping up with three other hunters via online co-op, multiplayer is easy, also adding drop-in functionality, a first for the series. The elder dragons have begun their once-a-decade migration, and the Guild’s Research Commission wants more information on this Elder Crossing. Their sights are set on the colossal Zorah Magdaros, which rises from the land like a volcano.

Special collaborations and other additional content that has been released post-launch for Monster Hunter: World on console will be coming to PC for free at a later date. Stay tuned to official Capcom channels for details on release dates soon.

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