Moonlight Online Interview

Moonlight Online Interview: The Supernatural MMO You’ve Been Waiting For

Questions by Bryan King (Bryan), OnRPG Journalist

Answered by Edwin Huang, Project Manager of IGG




Vampires, Werewolves, Humans, oh my! Moonlight Online, a game published by IGG, seems to blindside the MMO genre with a somewhat new niche. With a slew of nifty features, Moonlight Online may target an audience of gamers that don’t quite see their interests represented so well now-a-days. In order to eek out information, I got to sit down with Edwin Huang, Project Manager of IGG, to discuss the game’s upcoming release.



OnRPG: Hello Edwin, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us and tell us about your company’s newest title, Moonlight Online.



OnRPG: Can you tell us about Moonlight Online’s lore?


IGG: Sure. In the universe of Moonlight Online, the Gods went into eternal slumber after creating the world which they called Ansgarde. Vampires, werewolves and humans are ceaselessly embroiled in strife and skirmishes, over the true rule of Ansgarde. Each race has experienced the dawn of their era, to its golden age, to the hard times and their ultimate decline. The rise and fall of the 3 empires led to wars that ravaged the land with chaos and turmoil. Sworn enemies in battles become comrades in allied forces as tales of hatred and love are weaved through these 3 races. As gamers enter Moonlight Online, they will have a choice of any of the three factions. In this harsh and unforgiving supernatural universe, the power struggles among the three great races are as eternal as their legacies. The tales of Moonlight Online will bring them through a journey of discovery, investigation, mediation and finally revelation. Their adventures may mean the difference between survival and extinction for their race.



OnRPG: Did your team have any inspiration behind this storyline? Did you guys use any vampire fiction novels or films as a guideline?


IGG: One of our chief game designers is a huge fan of vampires and had always dreamt of creating a game with vampires as protagonists. The Twilight Saga enveloped the world in a vampire craze and many of us fell in love with the romantic supernatural culture of vampires. We thought it’d be a good time to cater to this growing fandom, thus the birth of Moonlight Online.



OnRPG: Historically speaking, Moonlight Online is a Chinese developed game. Did your team have any difficulty transitioning the game from Chinese shores?


IGG: To bridge the gap between Western and Asian cultures, we have sought the help of vampire researchers well-versed in the history and culture of vampires and werewolves in European regions to provide us with ideas and suggestions in many stages of game production, from the storylines to the vast supernatural universe of Moonlight Online.



OnRPG: What unique features does Moonlight Online offer to separate itself from every other free-to-play MMO?


IGG: Moonlight Online has a slew of unique game features. With its Soul Equipment system, character morphing feature, mount evolution systems and more, we’re sure Moonlight Online will bring about a whole new different gaming experience that will amaze and tantalize!



OnRPG: Will we see different customization features? I want to recreate Van Helsing!


IGG: Everyone can create their very own Van Helsing in Moonlight Online!



OnRPG: Can you tell us about the classes within the game?


IGG: Players can choose from 3 races, humans, werewolves and of course, vampires. There are 3 classes in each race. With different backgrounds and terrains, each race has its own distinct traits and unique strengths.


Vampires possess superhuman grace and strength in immortal bodies that house their dangerously beautiful undead souls. Their incredible reflexes give them exceptional dodging abilities that enable them to avoid many physical and magical attacks.


Werewolves possess amazing stamina, making them one of most tenacious amongst the three races. Their astounding speed and leaping abilities permit them to scale heights and descend pits that others would consider unreachable.


Of the three races, only humans have been blessed by the gods with the gift of healing, allowing them to look disease and death in the eye without flinching. Endowed with great intelligence and courage, they have established many schools to train their champions in the arts of might and magic.



OnRPG: How did the art team go about crafting the game world to best portray this unique atmosphere?


IGG: The world of Moonlight Online is set in the medieval ages of Europe. We have made intensive and in-depth research on quintessential Gothic culture, architecture and fashion found during that era, to create a hauntingly beautiful game canvas for players to paint their epic tales upon.



OnRPG: Cool! Now on to community…. how will you guys keep the balance between players who pay for the game and those who don’t?


IGG: Moonlight Online is free-to-play, so as long as non-paying players devote time and effort into the game, they can enjoy the game just as much as players who pay for the game.



OnRPG:  What events can players expect to see from IGG once the game launches?


IGG:  It’s still pretty much a secret for now, but we promise there will be thrilling events and titillating prizes galore once Moonlight Online debuts!



OnRPG: Sounds like fun! Many games lack high-end PvE content so players quit early on. Does Moonlight Online have any PvE content that will keep players entertained throughout the experience?


IGG: The highest level set in the game currently is Level 60. Upon reaching Level 60, players can move on to more challenging instances to obtain prestigious and exclusive equipment. When players hit level cap, there will be new exciting epic features released for these veterans to continue their Moonlight Online journey. Our latest trailer, which reveals game content from Level 60 to 100, has just been completed. The development team is also constantly working to enhance and expand Moonlight Online.



OnRPG: What type of player do you feel that Moonlight Online will cater to? The Twilight Fan? The True Blood Fan? Or anyone else?


IGG: Moonlight Online is designed for anyone and everyone! Whether you are an avid fan of Twilight and True Blood or a diehard aficionado of Van Helsing and Dracula, Moonlight Online will make you fall in love with the supernatural genre all over again.



OnRPG: When can we expect to see an open beta of Moonlight Online?


IGG: Alpha Testing is now being carried out in the traditional Chinese version released on Facebook. We’re also working on the English translation for the game now, so gamers can look forward to the English version of Moonlight Online soon.



OnRPG: Where do you see Moonlight Online a year after launch?


IGG: We hope Moonlight Online stand the test of discerning gamers and hold itself in good stead in the competitive MMO industry. It’s our wish to see Moonlight Online available in many languages worldwide a year after launch and that every gamer who plays Moonlight Online will be enthralled and thrilled by the game.



OnRPG: Anything else?


IGG: We welcome all to visit Moonlight Online’s official website to find out more about the game. The English preview page is up now and our English forum is very much active with the latest news, updates and discussions about the game, so be sure to pop by and join us!


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