Muniz Online Interview: Neverending Fun

Questions by Vincent Haoson, Onrpg writer
Answered by Rui Moreira, Lead community manager

Onrpg: How is Muniz Online going along?
MunizOnline is a world of numerous possibilities, all requested by our own community. At first, a visitor may be intrigued by the unique design of MunizOnline, and its catch phrase to customize his/her avatar and pump it up. Indeed, this is when the fun starts! More than 4000 items are available for the creation of a look that corresponds to every and each member of the community. The first items are for free and once you’ve chosen how to dress-up, you’re ready to meet new friends on the chat. Discovering the chat rooms is a thrilling experience. The moods(^^’ lol vv @@ …) and the actions (!sit / !think / !jump)  make your avatar an endearing living creature. Moreover, you can instantly make new friends and that’s the goal, by the way… Our Archipelago proposes you mini-games, and even the chance to get married. But what everybody’s into is to complete the collections and being rewarded for that. Each completed collection gives the right to a lottery of new items. And it doesn’t stop there! Once you feel comfortable enough among the other members (which will take 5 sec xD), you’ll be able to exchange  your items, through the Bizness game. No one stays out of it! Great business, makes great friends, and so the game goes on.

This friendly atmosphere is assured by a group of voluntary moderators, members of our community who are happy to create live games and certify that we keep cool and fun at all times. A professional team is naturally behind them and a newly e-support system has been put in place, aiming the well-being of the community.  Also, fun-activities hosted by our official group of moderators take place every day.  Muniz is a never ending world of fun, fostered by the players themselves. If they say it’s time to create a booster of items about Lady Gaga… then it is this:

Gaga set Muniz

! We count today about  120 000 subscriptions on MunizOnline and we’re open-armed, ready to welcome more.

Onrpg: The game says that you are catering to teens but not all teens go for this kind of cuteness level for an MMO. What are the steps you take to encourage those more “hardcore” gamers to play Muniz?
MunizOnline does has unique graphics and this is possibly one of its most attaching factors. It’s always delightful to visit the chat for the first time. There are classy rooms, cute rooms… but also hidden and dark ones. Hardcore, soft, cute, starlish, whatever your style or your mood of the day is, there’s a place for you on MunizOnline. It’s up to you ! And what happens after finding out the chat and its rooms ? We cannot leave with at least a hand full of friends. Friends like you, coz’ we welcome all tribes. MunizOnline is a world where you can actually express both your dark and bright side. And why not a  yellow, pink, green side? MunizOnline being a “no men’s land” for meeting new friends, putting together infinite combinations of looks and doing Bizness becomes at the end an “everybody’s land”.

For example, “tough” IS on the menu of the day for those who need to express the extra-energy.Boosters such as:

Muniz Boy Set

and powers such as 

Muniz Chainsaw
reveal  one of the various dimensions of MunizOnline.

Onrpg: What was the reason behind making Muniz Online a game for teens?
Muniz is created for teens and by teens. Actually the teen public reveals to be naturally sensible to MunizOnline, specially to this possibility of  creating their own world, as they compose their own look, minding their own “Bizness”, talk and have fun with their own friends. Muniz offers a chance to be whatever you want to be, trying different sides of you and putting it on the spotlight.The members of Muniz are the firsts to declare Muniz a land of teens and making it their home. We can only agree !

Onrpg: How do you think of creating events for Muniz Online? Where do you get the inspiration for the events?
The ideas for the events, which sometimes can last days or even weeks, come  from the members of Muniz themselves. Some daily animation-games are created on the hit of the moment by the players , whenever they feel like getting some extra fun. It keeps  up the  liveliness of both Chat and Forums! Other game events are planned in advance, but always by the community who want to see their ideas become true. Participating or generating it, our members are present at all stages of our events. And the rewards are always on the menu, of course. The members have total support to host games that are rewarded with coins, items or xp points!

Onrpg: Do players have a say when it comes to in-game events?
More than that, players are at the origin of our game events, as said, and those events happen all the time. The community’s needs are always best full-filled when they’re answered by the community itself. Their participation can be seen, for ex., through the creations of drawings, films, pictures and fan-sites, that become part of the Muniz; such as Muniz Photos, Muniz Fanart, Muniz Fans and Muniz Film (via

Onrpg: Would you be making any live events for Muniz Online in the future?
We have an important experience on participating at live events, like Game Festivals. To be in touch with the general public and our own public has always been important, for it’s from them we get the inspiration to put Muniz together. We’re so willing to do it, as soon as possible!

Onrpg: What do you think is the reason why players keep coming back to Muniz Online?
It is the possibility to meet new friends and to hang out with them on the most diverse and fun setting that makes Muniz a constant option for those who want to have fun. The possibility to be what you want and express it through your looks and attitude is something we treasure and so do our members. In order to keep up to this authenticity/fun policy, we release new items (boosters, powers, hypermoods!) every week ! As we say, the show must always go on. And it must be good too 😉

Onrpg: What are your ways of trying to keep the interest of players?
Besides the weekly updates of all shops and the promotion of game events, everyday we must say players are the interest itself. How can you not be interested when it’s up to be whoever you want to be, whenever you want to, with the friends you love the most ? That’s what Muniz is all about.

Onrpg: How often do you update the avatar wardrobe? Where do you get the ideas of the items you include?
The more than 4 000 items store is increased every week with new ones! Our team of graphic designers is aware and in search of the current trends in music, movies, stars, games, etc. Obviously, they get those trends from community’s requests.

Onrpg: What do you think is Muniz Online’s edge to the other games of the same genre?
Only on Muniz you have a unique mood animation. Hit “lol” or “@@” on the chat and you’ll see! The wardrobe we propose to the players is sufficiently wide to cover thousands and thousands of possible combinations, all of them in tune with their wishes. If you like Manga for example, you’ll be overwhelmed by the looks you can put together with our own “Japanese closet”. Add to that a really nice place to chat, friends that you adore and it’s all set.

Onrpg: One of the things we noticed in Muniz Online is the lack of Quest guides. Will you be including it sometime in the future? Why or Why not?
Well observed! Muniz is actually replacing its quest system by the Bizness / XP system, where great deals make great players. Each trade you make leads you to a higher status on Archipelago, as you become the IT player in your domain. Your xp level increases! And for those who still have a crush on quests,, we put in place a forum, where players can ask their questions and receive orientations from game hosts and other players…

Onrpg: How big is the impact of the community in a game like Muniz Online? 
The principle of Muniz is to enter in, make friends, create your own style and your own online crew or family. That makes the community the key point of the game. The history of Muniz is written every day, with the “newly weds”, the “brake-ups”, the “affaires of the century”, the “item of the moment”… and all that is done by the players!

Onrpg: Would you include more features to the houses in Muniz Online?
Sure we will. It will soon be easier to decorate your house, the tools will get simpler to use. And new boosters are to come, following the styles players love the most: modern design, clubber, party…

Onrpg: What’s in store for Muniz Online in the future?
Soon it’s gonna be possible to get your own horse and customize it, as you do with your avatar. Also new areas will be integrated to Archipelago, and they promise to be full of surprises, with new extreme settings. And just to keep you informed, the boosters to come next week are fantastic Manga style “Shojo” for girls and “Johnny Depp” (the one and only) for boys.

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