My Hero One’s Justice Reveals DLC Plans

MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE Announcement Trailer _ PS4, XB1, PC, Switch - YouTube

Bandai Namco detailed their DLC plans for the upcoming My Hero Academia title, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE, which releases on Friday. Fans who pre-order My Hero One’s Justice will receive Endeavor as a playable character. Endeavor is the father of Shoto Todoroki, ranked the second highest of all of Japan’s heroes, and has the highest number of resolved cases in history. Endeavor’s Quirk allows him to produce and manipulate fire at will. Endeavor will also be available as a paid DLC character for anyone who does not pre-order My Hero One’s Justice. Players can also purchase new missions for Endeavor once they have him as a playable character.

Deku Shoot Style will be a playable character on day one and will be free. Players can then purchase the Deku Shoot Style missions through the online store. A day-one patch will update My Hero One’s Justice with an Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode is a ladder-style tournament where players will compete against several CPU opponents. Completing Arcade Mode with different characters will unlock an exclusive item.

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