Myth War II Interview

by Rick Charbs, Onrpg Writer
Answered by Sakura Yu, Product Manager for Myth War II

Myth War II is a fresh MMORPG designed with Myth War, its preceding title, in consideration. It has taken most of the key elements of the game, and transformed them into a new modern style. Some systems however, will remain entirely the same: “The existing pet system in Myth War will continue unchanged in Myth War II…” said Sakura Yu, the product manager for Myth War II. The following interview focuses on the many innovations of Myth War II.

Onrpg: What main elements were taken from Myth War in order to create Myth War II?

Well, Myth War is a true MMORPG classic and has held its appeal through the ages; Myth War II delivers on its promises by adding new features to the game while keeping those basic features in Myth War to make old Myth War gamers happy. This game is far from perfect, but it continues to keep its loyal fans very happy.

In the classic Myth War, we presented our players with the graphics and storyline based on adventures in a world dominated by antipathy between Gods and animosity against alien races. So we’ve focused on and developed this storyline along with many good ideas that arose from our players’ feedback. We make every effort to keep players entertained and happy.

Players have definitely taken full advantage of the combat features in Myth War. We will continue to use these features in Myth War II. The existing pet system in Myth War will continue unchanged in Myth War II, as well as increase the cohesion between pets and their owners. Players can even name their pets and take them with them anywhere. Pets with different looks can learn spells and upgrade them by acquiring more experience in battle. We aim to encourage our players to train their pets into true battle hardened partners.

The main thing we wanted to carry over from the original was the always friendly atmosphere, where entertainment and friendship go hand in hand.

Onrpg: What are Myth War II’s noticeable differences in terms of character design in comparison with its preceding title, Myth War?

The first time you start to play Myth War II you may only notice the different character designs of the Centaur and Borg. But our game designers have come up with ideas for new designs in all characters to create more emotionally engaging game characters.

Centaurs with half-beast and half-human designs have long been represented in Myth War II as humans. They are characterized by having two long pointed ears. With movements full of dignity and grace, Centaurs have taken on more human character traits while still being closely connected with nature. The barbarian look for the Borg has been evolved to complex robot mechanical design.

In addition to new character looks, more fluid animation and highly detailed movement, attack strikes and spell casting will grab hold of your attention right from the minute you play Myth War II online. Compared with Myth War, the improvements in Myth War II are more in the details, not in the overall look and feel of the game.

Onrpg: Myth War II has many new and exciting game systems. Could you please briefly explain the apprentice system? How will it benefit players?

Sure, thank you for your question.
In Myth War II, Players level 50+ are allowed to recruit low level players and help them level up. We call this the apprentice system, and it was created to help newbies or beginners level up faster, as well as introducing them to the community quickly. The relationship between a master and apprentice can be established by teaming up to complete specific quests.

When experienced players recruit low level players, they can win Fame by completing quests with their apprentice. Fame they earn will increase as they recruit more gamers and do more quests with their apprentices. Every week, the 10 best masters will receive their game gold prizes based on the Fame they earn. The top 3 will be rated according to their monthly Fame and given the title of Sage, Prophet and Wiseman.

Both Master and apprentice will be rewarded after they have finished their quests. Masters will earn Fame and Contribution Points, while apprentice will win gold prizes and exp bonuses. When apprentice players reach level 50, they can leave their masters and go out on their own.

Onrpg: Myth War II is known to host many events. What events are in effect currently, and what are some of the most memorable events of the past?

Yeah, that’s true. We really pride ourselves on our innovative ideas for the many successful events held in Myth War II. We have kept our event schedule updated constantly. The existing scheduled events include the Treasure of the Ages, Enemies at the Gates and the PK Arena, all of which are held every week. We also have special game events such as guild war, mine war, or some GM-run events available only on the weekends. We also have many forum events, such as the Halloween Card Contest and the Myth War II Screenshot Contest, both of which were very popular.

The Kungfu Panda event is a very typical example. We believe this event will not lose its charm among players. The draw is the recognition that we were inspired by Hollywood’s summer smash hit “Kung Fu Panda” to create an event to challenge players.

Some may say that these events are mostly populated by devoted players and that the casual gamer may not get involved. Well, the Halloween celebration event we held was on the 3rd line of our game server, with most players located on the 1st line it was inspiring to see the mass migration of players from the 1st to the 3rd lines. The best news for us after an event is to hear that our players thoroughly enjoyed it.

Onrpg: What do you believe is the most valuable change Myth War has undergone in the making of Myth War II?

I’d like to say the rebirth system in Myth War II is for high level characters. Being reborn means that a character is reincarnated into whatever class chosen with extra attributes and skills given. Players with reborn characters can venture the game with brand new episodes and enhanced combat systems. The blood relationship with a player’s previous non-reborn character and the polished sense of honor brought by being reborn adds a lot to the gameplay.

Reborn characters basically have to start over by having their level reset to 1. Players also get to choose new character looks, receive additional bonus attributes, and have character growth rates and resistances modified. At the same time, reborn characters recieve special emblems of their high level, color highlighted names among them.

Onrpg: The marriage system in Myth War was a very popular feature. What improvements have been made to the marriage system in Myth War II?

Quite right! The Marriage system has been and continues to be very popular with many players. This unique system allows them to find and display their feelings for their perfect in-game sweetheart. But there was definitely room for improvement in the sequel and we have taken it to the next level.

When two players are close to and feel connected with each other, marriage is a good way to express those feelings. They can start by having their grand wedding ceremony with the help of the priest at Blython. They will obtain a couples title, have their own home and be teleported to their beloved at any time. Beside, if both sides decide to divorce, their decision will be respected and their marriage will end.

We have even more plans for the marriage system to be further developed with many nice additions, like couples-related skills and quests.

Onrpg: There are many environments to explore in Myth War as well as Myth War II. Could you please give us a rundown on some new maps that have been added into the game?

I’d like to say more about the maps. One of the newly added maps, known as the Fog Jungle, is located to the north of Demon Square. As its name indicates, this wild forest scenario is sparsely populated and guarded by the Wisdom God.

If the Fog Jungle makes you feel isolated, the smell of dead flesh permeating the air every time you walk past the Withered Forest will chill you to the bone. The trees here lie at odd angles and are obviously dead. A thick layer of fallen decaying leaves covers the ground. Killing monsters sealed and trapped here by the Strength God will power level your character.

Onrpg: A feature most players of Myth War II deem useful is the Auto-Move function. What is the main purpose of this function?

To use the auto locate function in Myth War II, all you have to do is to click on the chosen destination location. An auto find routine will be colored on the mini map. You will get to your destination automatically, quickly and at the highest speed.

Autolocate is designed to help players get easy access to any place on the map and avoid time wasted to find the correct direction and work out the shortest movement route. Players will have more time to level and complete quests rather than constantly moving around.

With auto locate function; players will have time to enjoy the game and less time walking around aimlessly.

Onrpg: What features do the popular majority of Myth War II players miss from the classic Myth War?

Hehe, this is a very creative question. I love it.
Well, there are many good features in the original Myth War. All of them have been well preserved and improved in Myth War II.
The unique ATB combat technique developed in Myth War will continue to be developed for Myth War II. The ATB combat system means players should be familiar with turn-based strategy combat while also giving players a true sense of tension and danger.

The PVP system in Myth War has always been popular with players. In Myth War II, we added more ways to conduct PVP. Players can engage in PVP in large scale combat situations like mine wars, guild wars or city siege.

Myth War has been proven to be a successful MMORPG. All these excellent features that help attract players in Myth War will be not be tossed out in Myth War II.

Onrpg: Myth War is still being constantly updated and events are still being hosted regularly. Do you plan on continuing this in the long-run, or will you simply concentrate on Myth War II?

When we say that Myth War is a real classic MMORPG, it is mostly due to the great efforts from our gamers to make this game perfect during the past 3 years. For them, Myth War is not just a game but a place they know people with awesome wit, innovative ideas, and a good sense of humor. Some of them have even found their soul mates in real life. For us and our players, Myth War continues to be much more than a game.

However, because of the inevitable deficiency in Myth War, all of our updates to it will be limited, and our focus will be on recreating this tight-knit community and expanding the gameplay in Myth War II.

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