Myth War II Interview

Questions by Rick Charbs, answered by Sakura Yu, Product Manager of Myth War II

1. Onrpg: The Myth War II closed beta has ended recently. What feedback have you gotten from the community?

Sakura Yu: The Myth War II closed beta has ended and many players have said that they thought it was a total success. They love the auto battle system, because it makes leveling up much more fun. In Myth War II we came up with many interesting ideas to develop all the new systems allowing players to get married, become sworn brothers or sisters and form a family. During the closed beta, we even held a group wedding, where many players found new friends. Players have also shared their feelings about the new weekly events.

They think they are lots of fun, especially the new ones, like Who Let the Wolves Out, and Hide and Seek, but they’ve also suggested we hold more celebration events for holidays or traditional festivals to attract more players. We feel the best suggestions come from the people involved in using our games on a daily basis, our players, and they have come through again.

2. Onrpg: What are the major changes we can see in Myth War II comparatively to Myth War?

Sakura Yu: New maps have been added, and we have made changes to the overall layout of some maps. The designs of characters in the Centaur class, Male Borg and some BOSS have been improved a lot. Everything looks more polished and stylish. The rebirth system in Myth War II gives players two chances to be reborn. In this way players can go deeper into the understanding and enjoyment of the game.

The ATB combat system means players should be familiar with turn-based strategy combat while also giving players the sense of tension that they expect from modern games. Other new changes for players in Myth War II are that we have developed some special new systems. Players can get married or become sworn brothers and sisters in these new systems. Players will fight for supreme honor in the Mine and Siege Wars. The Magic Box system is used to add a sense of whimsical fun for players.

Indeed there are so many changes in Myth War II, you must play it by yourself to find all of them.

3. Onrpg: Myth War II introduces a new marriage and brothers system. Could you please explain how one may undergo one of these processes?

Sakura Yu: As players spend more time in Myth War II, they will make many insteresting friends. As their relationships develop, they may want to define it or set a special title for this relationship. They can choose to get married or become sworn brothers and sisters. Players can team up to get married if their closeness reaches 5000. At the Church they can apply with the Priest to be married. When not more than 5 players find the closeness between them reaches 3000, they can team up to visit the Elders in Woodlingor to become sworn brothers or sisters. The Elders will ask these players to complete quests in party. Once they complete these quests, they will establish their relationship as brothers and sisters in arms.

4. Onrpg: What brought you to introduce a whole different take on the graphical views of Myth War?

Sakura Yu: As an all new version Myth War II, the graphics in the game have been greatly improved over the classic version. The appearances of Centaurs and Male Borgs have been modified, to look much cooler and less cartoony; while the views in some cities such as Woodlingor and Blython have been modified to look more eye-catching. We have also added many new maps to the game as well.
Overall, the graphics will definitely appeal to fans of the classic game and new players looking for something unique.

5. Onrpg: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each race?

Sakura Yu: There are 8 characters from different classes in Myth War II.

The Hero has a super high survival capability and is physically strong. The Heroine is agile and knows how to move stealthily. Archers are good at using long range weapons. Rangers know the art of healing and can increase their teammate’s skill levels. Sorcerers master the spells of Wind, Thunder, Water and Fire. Sorceresses can curse enemy targets to limit their fighting status. Male Borgs move slowly but are physically strong and highly dangerous. Female Borgs are also physically strong but have an added immunity to magic.

Each of the classes have benefits and weaknesses, it is up to each player to decide who fits their style of play and plan of action. Cooperation between classes to support weakness and enhance strengths also ensures a fun and diverse party atmosphere.

6. Onrpg: How is the rebirth function on Myth War II taken to a new level with it’s proceeding title?

Sakura Yu: The Rebirth System offers players who have reached the upper level limit a chance to challenge themselves further. Players can sacrifice their life and start over back at level 1 again, but with some added bonuses. These bonuses give players some extra attribute points and enhance players’ attributes and resistances. New character shapes are also available after rebirth. In addition, those players who accept the rebirth system are different from other players because of their characters name color. The rebirth system has an effect on player’s level, attributes, resistances, growth, equipment, quests and title. At present, the second rebirth is also available in the game.

7. Onrpg: Two new events have been included with Myth War II’s release. Could you please explain the Mine War event and the Siege war?

Sakura Yu: There are six exploited mines in the desert area and the scorched earth area on the MythWar Mainland. Only the two mines in Desert City and Demon square cannot be owned, but they are open for all players to exploit. Guilds need to join in the Guild War or the Mine Battle to obtain the dominion of the other four mines.After a guild has dominated a mine, the guild will accumulate more construction points and will also be provided with a great deal of gems, ores and enchanting materials. Besides which, the guild members from the Mine Battle will obtain contribution points, as well.

Only the top four guilds of Guild War are qualified to join the the War of the City.Joining in the Guild War can accumulate Fame points for your guild.Joining in the Guild War may let you obtain the victory prize.The champion guild member will receive gems and money and the runners up can also obtain experience and money. Mine war has been released , but the development of siege war is still underway.

8. Onrpg: Another interesting system in Myth War II is the Magic Box System. How is this such a unique addition to this title?

Sakura Yu: Each Magic Box contains a Lucky Spirit and an Unlucky Spirit. After opening the box, players will randomly summon a Spirit. The Lucky Spirit brings good luck to players while the Unlucky Spirit brings bad luck. This new system should be very exciting, but its development is still underway.

9. Onrpg: When do you plan on releasing this title in Open Beta?

Sakura Yu: We released the Myth War II open beta on June 27th. As of now, the game is still in Open beta, and we hope our players feel free to offer us their suggestions for further improving the game.

10. Onrpg: Will Myth War II have an item mall? If so, what will players be able to purchase from it?

Sakura Yu: Our Item Mall has been open to players since the Open Beta began a short time ago. The Item Mall is actually an in-game Item Mall, and we sell many new items not available in the old version, such as the Phoenix Stone, Full-mob Card, and much more. We are always looking for ways to improve game play and have plans to add many new, cool items as the game progresses. Of course, practical items such as the Swiftness Scroll are also available for players to buy.

We also want to mention that players need to use Gold-Ingots and Silver-Ingots to buy mall items. By buying IM points, players can obtain Gold-Ingots. Players can also use game gold in the Gold-Ingots trade system. Silver-Ingots will only be given to players by our GMs as event rewards. We want to ensure that the Item Mall will be a place that offers our players convenience and joy.

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