Mythos Browser Game: May The Gods Help You

Mythos Review: May the gods help you

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


The Greek gods have been a forefront in a lot of games either in consoles and online. From the games like Herc’s Adventures from the old PlayStation, to browser based game Ikariam you would see Greek gods as the provider of bonuses and whatever necessities for you to be successful in the game. The browser-based game Mythos is no different.


12 gods one hero

In Mythos you are the leader of a village that is worshipping a certain Greek God of your choice. Whichever God you choose determines the bonuses you have. You also get to acquire a hero that you can level up, and improve that which will eventually help you out in the later stages of the game. Come to think of it, the gameplay is not really new or innovative. As most games of this genre have the same concept and even the game system. So, do not expect anything new with Mythos.


Market Place in Mythos

The Market Place in Mythos


Competitiveness at its best

However, without anything new to offer to the genre, the one thing that Mythos does have is the competitiveness of the game and the relatively fast paced gameplay it provides. Mythos has a time limit system in the form of ages. Your goal within the age is to acquire the most lands because the lands determine your military and economic strength, which serve as your ticket to becoming known within the community. Also, the game has an archive system where, if you are the person who becomes the most prominent player of the age, the annals of Mythos would then carry your name as the title of that age. So the game gives you enough reason to be excited, at least for those players who are looking for a challenge in their browser games.


Managing your resources

In any strategy browser game like Mythos, the most important factor in the game is the options of being able to manage your resources. What you have in Mythos is like any other Browser game. You have resources, structures, people and military units to balance manufacture and manage. Everything feels so generic in Mythos. The game even lacks any dynamic images unlike other browser games who have at least gifs included in their interface. On the offside, the beauty of this simplistic interface is that you will not get smothered by almost useless images that are often the bane of browser games with with more dynamic imagery. Also the loading time of the game is fast and crisp and the only thing you would have to waste time on is the time for your structures and unit’s completion.


Exploring Mythos

Exploring and Building in Mythos


Heroes… no not the series

Aside from managing your resources you would also have to manage the Hero you have. The heroes, as the title suggests, are the coup de grace of your arsenal because they have certain skills and benefits that you won’t normally find in your regular troops. The thing about your hero is that you would have to nurture and train the unit to be of any use against other players. 

Imagine your hero as the prized pet fighter of your empire and you would get the general idea of the hero’s role in your gameplay. The hero also serves as the one thing that makes your overall experience unique and immersing due to the fact that you have something unique in your arsenal you can use. You will have to manage your heroes carefully and use them effectively in your wars if you want to make them worthwhile.



Mythos does not offer anything new to the whole genre. What you have is a Greek-gods themed game that centers around you acquiring resources and being the best among the rest. This game concept is not really new as a lot of games are already on this road. As a compensation for its generic nature the game’s greatest strength would be its competitive nature and the fact that the game is a clean and crisp gameplay that you normally would not find in the more heavily animated browser games. 


World Map

Simple to-the-point visuals in Mythos


The game lacks any other variation aside from the archive system and the heroes system. The game’s units are the ones you normally find in a game like this, the structures and even the Greek god’s skills are already generic so there’s nothing really that would make you stay in the game aside from its competitive nature. Even with such limitations, this game does in fact have a stable amount of users logging in. Obviously this is not brought upon by the game itself but more of the fact that the game does not really take much of your time. The manufacture of units and structures takes a lot of time in real life so that you can just log into the game for like five to ten minutes, click on the updates you need and then log out and the game will run itself. 


For the more impatient players this can be an irritating fact, if they are looking to become immersed into this game, but who would do that in a browser game? Mythos is a game that does not take much time learning and playing and a lot of people right now are looking into games like that. Though the setup of the game is already overused and the interface is not really that visually attracting the game does center on the right things that makes it such a good choice for players who don’t have that much free time on their hands.


– Game updates are done regularly.
– The game is newbie-friendly.
– The game is balanced out even with the inclusion of heroes to your roster.

– There is no automated game and that the games new age is reliant on the administrator’s internet access.
– It takes time before a new age begins so there is a lag time per new age.
– The game’s competitive level can be a handful for those who are looking for a browser game that’s a little less competitive.

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