Nadirim Tour: A Brave New World

Nadirim Tour: A Brave New World

By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Before I start this tour, I would like to state that I am not much of a broswer-game fanatic. It’s probably because I feel like I’m playing with an interactive text book that lets me click my way through the pages. Nadirim is a browser-based MMORPG developed by Digital Reality. The game is, by far, what I would call a next-gen browser game, as it caters stunning visuals and innovative gameplay that separates it from its browser-based brethren. When it comes to originality, I personally think that Nadirim has the upper edge over its browser-based kin. Since most of today’s MMOs revolve around ancient Chinese civilizations, medieval eras, and steampunk worlds, it was rather refreshing to see an Arabian-themed game as it breaks the linearity of the genre. Paul Toderas, one of the game designers in Digital Reality, was actually nice enough to give me an open tour before the beta, allowing me to see what type of goodness this new MMO is about to unfold. So was Nadirim worth it? Let’s see, shall we?


First Impressions

Upon entering the game, I was prompted to create my character. The character creation interface was unlike anything I’ve ever seen from an MMO browser game. The elements were so polished, and the options resembled that of a client-based MMO. As you can see, most of the options were locked out, but note that they will all be available once the game enters its beta stage. Also, the  character portrait changes depending on what facetype, background, or accessories you pick. There are 3 classes in the game: the Warrior, which is your typical heavyhitter; the Sage, the magic user who specializes in spells to make up for his or her lack of stamina; and the Ruffian, which is their version of the rogue that has just gotten a lot dirtier.


Nadirim First Impressions

Let’s Play Nadirim!

The game respects the traditional isometric birds-eye view commonly featured by old 2D RPGs like Diablo and Chrono Trigger. The visuals at this point are quite astounding, and the area gradually changes as you progress further. Much like any other client-based MMOs, Nadirim also features quests that must be satisfied for players to both level faster and earn items. Surprisingly, the game’s quests are rather diverse, and do not revolve around the typical find-and-kill system. Instead, the game lets players stroll the epic world of Nadirim, while admiring the awesome scenery provided by the game. The visuals in-game are vibrant and quite defined, and makes you think of old school dungeon crawlers. The game actually looks like a high-resolution Arabian Diablo, which is a big plus considering that players can run it in the comforts of their browsers without installing launchers and other various clients.


Lets Play Nadirim


Another good feature that separates this game from other browser games is the combat system. You enter combat by interacting with characters that cast red shadows or auras.  Combat in Nadirim is turn-based, which is 10 times better than clicking on a combat button and reading battle results. It’s amazing how Nadirim managed to keep things visual as it boosts the player’s immersion. One thing about Nadirim’s combat system is that the game actually uses your existing avatar along with the accessories and items they posses.  Nadirim is a step above its contemporaries in the browser-based games category when it comes to visuals. They have clearly and creatively paved the way for players to get more immersed by offering customization options when it comes to their own characters. The items that you buy, find, or loot will no longer just be a name to remember, or an item with the epic stat to consider. It will now have a corresponding image to aid you in visualizing what your character is currently equipped with. This makes you unique, and most probably, more attached to the character. Who wouldn’t want a character who looks like the famous Spartan chasing enemies in the sand?


Once again, there are hundreds of equipments to wear, which means that every player will have the chance to look unique regardless of people sharing the same class. Once players initiate combat with a hostile party, they can choose whether to let the computer handle it by selecting the auto-combat mode, or if you want to fully immerse yourself in battle, you can manually click on the skills for extra effectivity.


Further Customizations

Once again, Nadarim’s features astound me, this time through their skill tree. While other browser games give you stats to click upon leveling up, Nadirim gives players a nice skill tree, commonly found in various non-browser MMOs. The other tabs you see above, sadly is not available at the moment. I dont know about you, but I’m rather excited about the minions tab.

Nadirim Further Customization


Aside from the character customization interface, more quests, and more depth on the skill trees, Nadirim also promises to bring other features such as: PVP, trading, and crafting. They also stated that group combat or partying will be implemented during the closed beta, so that’s another thing to look forward to.


A Game of Substance

Overall, I would say that Nadirim is a game of quality. Not only did it separate itself from the linearity of building towns and fighting neighboring cities from countless browser games –it also managed to feature elements that we’ve yet to see in the MMO scene. While other games try to remake and exploit themes that have been used for countless decades in both online and offline RPGs, Nadirim decided to break free from this curse of linearity, thus giving birth to a whole new world of adventure.


If you’re looking for something new, then you should definitely try this game. Closed beta is coming up, so get those keys ready and start playing.


Still not satified? Well then… BEHOLD THE MIGHTY BEARATAUR!


Nadirim Bearataur

Bet you won’t find that in any other MMO!


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