Navyfield Online Review: Fast Action

Navyfield Online Review: Fast Action
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist.


If you’re looking for a fast paced game that gives high rewards in little time, then Navyfield Online is the game for you. The game is based on the watery graves of World War II, where players must create and upgrade ships in order to compete with enemy players. Navyfield Online is more of a casual gaming experience rather than the traditional time consuming grindfest. It’s not really the type of game that will lock players in an instance for ten hours; instead, it lets players enjoy every minute of the game with less customizations and more action. Sounds good? Consider it a breath of fresh air after your mundane MMO experience. High-end torpedo battles, carrier gunning, fire control systems, let’s see what else this game has to offer? 


Starting up

Before logging in, it is recommended that players to access the tutorial videos located on the main site. Failure to do so may result to a frustrating experience in learning the game’s basics. It’s not really that hard when you know what you’re doing.


After creating your own ship at the ship creation dock, you’ll be prompted to place your sailors on board. The sailor’s job is to maintain or restore your ship as you venture across the world. Once you’ve loaded your ship, you’re ready to participate in battle (gee, that was fast). Note that everything (including your main artillery and firing system) has been fully loaded, but will need some personal tweaking upon reaching a certain point in the game. Call it a more gracious form of newb gear.


Bring In The Recruits!

Picking sailors is like picking your array of spells. You can recruit these individuals by clicking on the new sailor button on the bottom right portion of your shipyard panel. Each sailor has his own specialty so do keep track of your sailors’ stats. There are eleven stats all in all which specifies their roles in battle. Like a mage’s spell book, some are quite proficient with handling repairs (healing) while others concentrate on damage and combat.


Tip: You’ll really need sailors to perform  specific roles in the future, so it would be wise to pick a balanced team.


Setting Up

Much like your everyday MMO game, Navyfield ships also need some equipment  and items to help optimize performance. These ships can be upgraded through special items that can be purchased via points earned through battle. I really like the simplicity of it’s the equipment system as it allows me to wreak havoc faster. Who wants to be stuck in the equipment window for hours anyway?


Navyfield Sharpen
Building ships



There are tons of shops in the game, each with their own specialty whether its guns or firing systems. Shops are separated via country so you better remember where you saw that awesome torpedo. I really liked how they put the shops in different countries as it signifies how broad and huge the game world is.


+ Best torpedoes
+ Dedicated torpedo ships
+ Large CV variety
+ Good Gunners
– Very weak armor

+ Great AA guns
+ Best Gunners
+ Long gun range
– Low firepower range

United Kingdom:
+ Best armor
+ Best per shell damage
– Expensive armor
– Slow reload guns

United States:
+ Great CVs
+ Well balanced
+ Best AAW Defense overall

+ Sufficient space for aircrafts
+ Good shell damage
– Limited gun range
– Low shell space



I was actually surprised when joining my first PVP battle due to the number of ships that fought side by side. Players are separated via teams, who must band together to overthrow the opposing faction. Joining PVP sessions is probably the best way to find out what your ship is lacking, be it sailors, FCS or engines. Players can still earn exp and in game currency regardless of the outcome, so keep joining and upgrade accordingly.


Navyfield PVP
Navyfield PVP


Subscription Whores?

Since the game is free to play, it’s already given that a Premium subscription option is available for players. I understand that it’s their way of earning money but it really messes with the in game balance as it often gives subscribers a big advantage over their opponents. This includes moneymaking and heightened experience. It’s still enjoyable as a free to play game, but if you’re in it for the competition, then I suggest paying for it.



As far as graphics go, Navyfield online is far from today’s graphic standard, however, you could say that the graphics are quite fitting for the game. The game supports the isometric birds eye view with 2d sprites similar to that of the old Red Alert series. Despite its outdated elements, the game is still enjoyable and can still serve as eye-candy for most gamers. The explosions are still satisfying, and the lighting effects aren’t bad either. There’s a difference between games that need a lot of work and games whose graphics should not be upgraded as it was meant to look that way. In my opinion, this game definitely belongs in the latter category.


 Navy Graphics


The Verdict

When I first played the game, I knew that it would be a breeze. Easy upgrades, more action than talk, less computing, it was definitely an enjoyable experience. The graphics are pretty old but more than bearable. I know there are games with better graphics out there but I seriously wouldn’t want this game any other way. The PVP mode is enthralling, with tons of players who are ready to give you the fight of your life. I’m not really a fan of ships and tactics games but this one really appealed to me. Try it guys! It’s free to play!


– Easy
– Awesome Tutorials
– Tons of Players
– Really fun
– Everything happens so fast


– Graphics are bad (redeemable)
– Sounds effects are a bit shattered
– May not appeal to many.

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