Neverland Online Ingame Tour with GM N.E.

Neverland Online Ingame Tour with GM N.E.
Questions and Exploration by Vincent Haoson
Accompanied by GM N.E. (abbreviated)


I was given the opportunity to get a guided tour by the people from Neverland Online, the 2D MMORPG set on a mystical eastern-themed world. When I was told that I would be touring the game I was not personally expecting much especially for a browser based game. Let’s just say that I became jaded with the whole browser based online gaming thing especially after getting to experience a lot of disappointing games. Upon logging into the game I was surprised that Neverland Online felt like I was logging into a client-based MMO. The whole feel was kind of surreal because I was not expecting this kind of familiarity in a browser -based MMO.


While I was waiting to connect into the game I was being entertained by the Chinese string background music playing. I think that the BGM, plus the fact that the game’s interface looks like your average MMO definitely influenced me to feel that the game is like your average client-based MMO rather than a web-based one.


So upon getting inside the game I was waiting for a game master to contact me, being the impatient gamer that I am I kind of wandered within the vicinity I was put in. Lo and behold I encountered my first monster in the game. I was faced with a level 2 rabbit, yep, that’s right a level 2 rabbit was my first opponent upon entering the game. The game’s fight system resembled the old-school role playing of games of consoles and for those who have a thing for them would really feel nostalgic as you play Neverland Online.



Dungeon Talk

Dungeon Talk


After getting my behind whipped by the cute gray bunny of death, I was contacted by GM N.E. and eventually he came to get me from the mess I’ve managed to put myself into. When we met I was immediately introduced to the game’s party system where the party leader literally has complete control over where the party goes and even what NPCs can they talk to. I was literally following N.E. all over the place during my tour.


GM N.E.’s character was a Taoist, which translates to the game’s healer while I was an elementalist. Both of us were the game’s magic users with me being the offensive one, but during the tour he was the one dealing the most damage with me being the official cheerleader because my character was practically hitting like a baby. However, I figured out the reason why I was hitting so weakly, I hadn’t distributed the stat points that I had. So I asked GM N.E. to pause the tour for a moment and distributed the stat points that were left untouched since I logged in.



Stats Overview

Stats Overview


As seen on the above picture, there are five areas where you can allocate your stat on. Neverland Online helps you decide on what area to allocate the points to by providing descriptions as your cursor hovers over each area.



Description Tooltip

Description Tool


The descriptions helped me determine what areas I should be investing on. However seeing the outcome of my stat allocation I kind of relearned one simple rule in playing mmorpgs. Pay attention to where you click, I thought I was clicking on stamina when it turns out it was on agility so in the end my elementalist was an int-agi type. Aside from the stats, a character’s strength is also determined by the skill points allocated to each skill.


After my fail attempt on allocating my stat points we continued the tour. We then discussed the pet system in the game. Neverland Online has a very nice pet system where you can practically capture any monster you face in the field. GM N.E. showed this by capturing a mist marsh crocodile we faced in one battle.




Capturing a mist marsh crocodile!


Your pets could also fight with you in battle. There are even instances according to GM N.E. that the pet is stronger than the owner. Your pets are even actual members in your party therefore they also take damage from monsters. Here’s proof of it:



Pet Dead

Pet Dead


Yep, my pet died in the battle, my glorious gold dragon was killed by a lamp. Thankfully GM N.E. informed me that my pet can be resurrected right after the battle in the nearby town. When we came back to town we broke party got my dragon back on its feet. This is where the problem with the game’s party system comes out. Before you can do any individual action you have to break your party so you can move on your own free will. This would become cumbersome in future gameplay especially if you are in a hurry, this is where a little patience can go long way. After getting my dragon, who I lovingly called DBZ, healed we were set to get back on track but I insisted to do one thing before we get a move on:



Poke Poke



Yep, I had to poke the cute plump NPC. Though it would really seem pointless if you look at it however, what’s the sense of a tour if you can’t have fun once in a while right? After horsing around town, me and GM N.E. went out and killed more monsters, I wanted to at least try a dungeon run however due to circumstances, I got disconnected due to a very bad net service that day, and we weren’t able to come in. Me and GM N.E. was able to discuss about the various game systems I unbelievably though no web game could have. One example is the Neverland’s crafting system. According to GM N.E. you can play the game with all your equipments hand-crafted yourself. He told me that the flying purple sword he has



Oh No

O_O Oh No!


GM N.E.: Neverland Online’s crafting system is a bit complex for beginners however its easy to get a hang of it. You get to craft rare items using the materials from monster drops or NPCs. This purple sword I have? I crafted it myself


Aside from the crafting system, Neverland Online has its own bot system included. However you’d need to use scores which is acquired through paying.



Bots in Neverland

Bot System


GM N.E.: bot is allowed however it uses usd, it’s basically for those who want to have a ‘better’ gaming experience


All in all my Neverland tour has been a fun and enjoyable experience to say the least. Neverland Online is a game that shows a lot of promise, even if it’s in the CBT stage there are a lot of things you can do. I can only imagine what else is in store for players when the games go to commercial. I must say that I was impressed game especially that this one’s a web-based mmo.


With the game nearing Open Beta we’ll just have to see how Neverland Online turns out now won’t we?


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