Ninja Wars Review: I Am Ninja – Are You?

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist

If you have the itch on becoming the mysterious ninja but can’t seem to find a game that can fill that starving need immediately, you might find Ninja Wars a ninja-based game something you might sink your teeth into.

You want to become a ninja, boy?

Ninja Wars puts you in the suit of a ninja, the almost mystical shadow warriors. You get to choose to become one of the various colored ninjas found in the game. The color dictates the skills your ninja will have for the rest of your stay in the game.

The good thing in Ninja wars is that you do not spend most of the time trying to figure out the details your ninja will have. Once you get create an account and choose the type of ninja you will get you are then whisked away into the world of people killing each other.

Ninja Wars strips down the whole ninja concept into something simpler and less complex. What you have is a character that has a set permanent set of skills and you must use your wits and cunning to make it past through the others who are also aiming for the top.

Too Simple For Its Own Good

The game’s simplicity is in turn the best and the worst aspect of the game. Its simplicity is good because you would not have to go through a lot of things just to get yourself a text-based ninja. Also, the simplicity streamlines how the game’s battle is progressing thus making battles fun.

However, the game is much too simple for a game that centers on the ninja. This would not be too much of a problem if the game has more items, more skills and more goals that you can attain. The shop has only five items on sale.

The only authentic ‘ninja’ item that you can buy in the game’s shop is the famous ninja shuriken. Aside from that you get different scrolls and that’s that. You have nothing else to use your money on.

The sad thing about the whole thing is that earning gold and leveling up are the only two things your ninja can earn. You don’t get to buy armors or other weapons that are supposed to be part of a ninja’s arsenal. So what’s the point of the shop’s items when you can just spend turns killing other ninjas instead of wasting your gold on scrolls and shurikens that do not really do the job.

Battle System

The game’s battle system is the only thing that has an advantage when in the overall simple design of the whole game. Everything happens fast and almost in real-time as it should be. You get to use your ninja skills on other people and even decide on what how you would like to kill your enemy.

Ninja Wars Koi Fish Background

Your ninja skills are another thing of beauty because the damage it inflicts is the same regardless of the level of your enemy. Though the game’s battle system may be fast paced and easily the most noteworthy aspect of the game, the game’s simplicity problem has also reached its battle system.

First and foremost, the rewards of the game are not really something that you look forward to. To level up you would have to kill a certain amount of ‘ninjas’ to advance, the problem is, the only thing that changes when you level up is an increase in life and a different number beside your name in the rankings that show your ninjas level.

Second, the issue about the skill’s damage is also another factor. Though at first it may be cool that you get to kill ninjas that are thousands of level above you with your skill, you won’t really have any drive to do further your ninja because there is no goal that you need to achieve.

Your Kung-Fu Is Weak

Ninja Wars is a game that, as far as ninja-themed games are concerned, shows a lot of promise, but it seems that the game lacks any drive for the player to do more and stay online just to play a game where you don’t have anything to do except kill, kill and kill.

Another thing about the game is that you do not forget to include something that resembles a goal for players to achieve. If the game is as easy as this who would want to even spend their time on something that has no aim.

Even though players like to take things easy it is that goal on achieving something that they consider important is the driving force of why they stick on the game. This is one of the things Ninja Wars has forgotten to include. While winning easily is something we all want, but if everyone can do it where’s the fun on that?

Ninja Wars seems to be a game that is hastily built just so they can say ‘hey! Here’s a ninja game! You want to play?’, as I said, the game has a lot of potential but it seems it is wasted because the game lacks a lot of everything that makes any game a decent game.

If you are one of those people who just want their ninja cravings succumbed regardless of the quality of the game I can suggest Ninja Wars. Though I cannot say how long the game will be able to satisfy your cravings for some ninja-fu. The game is decent enough to at least give you some fast ninja-themed fun.

– The battle is fast paced and the statistics gets update after every move you do
– You can get to kill higher level ninjas even if you are level 1
– The game has a chat window where you can talk to other active players in real time.

– You only have a limited set of items you can use
– You do not learn skills and stay stuck with your preferred ninja class
– The game gets boring in the long run.

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