OnRPG Exclusive: Grand Chase’s New Character “Zero” Revealed!

OnRPG Exclusive: Grand Chase’s New Character “Zero” Revealed!

By Michael Sagoe (mikedot), OnRPG Journalist


SG Interactive is keeping the world of Grand Chase fresh and exciting by revealing a brand new character, and OnRPG has all the details in this exclusive interview!


Many years ago while the Ancient Demons battled, a swordsman mysteriously appeared. Wielding a strange magical blade, he joined the fight and turned the tide of battle. As time went on, his lust for destruction grew and he went into a frenzy. In the end, the Ancient Demons were destroyed and the swordsman nowhere to be found.


Now a wanderer has appeared. He carries with him a strange sword that seems to have a life of its own… He goes by the name of Zero.


OnRPG: What is the story behind Zero and his living sword?

SG :  He definitely has a mysterious background doesn’t he? Well… Zero is a demon, found to be the only soul strong enough to best the ghost in the blade, an ego strong enough to bring Ancients down to their knees. Impressive, right?


Bloody Zero Reveal

OnRPG: How does Zero handle in terms of learning curve? Will he be easy to learn, yet hard to master?

SG: Basically! Much like our other characters, anyone can pick up and play as Zero without difficulty; but if a player is willing to invest more time they’ll find hidden depths. With the dual stances and AP attack powers, Zero has many avenues to victory. With his multiple strategies, Zero can be very unpredictable in the endgame.


OnRPG: Now Zero does not use mana like most of the other Grand Chase heroes. Instead, he uses AP, like Dio, one of the more recent characters.  Any differences between how Zero uses AP compared to Dio?

SG: Zero’s AP regenerates much like Dio’s; while they have different skills and abilities, the basic use of AP remains similar. The major difference between the two characters is that Zero can switch stances, which changes what skills are available.  How the character plays when using the Sword or Defense techniques varies drastically. 


Bloody Zero Reveal


OnRPG: Would you say that performing skills with Zero will be similar to Dio in terms of execution, or will they be completely different?

SG: Because Zero is unique with the two stances, he will play differently – in the hands of the right player, that is. You can bring in some strategies from Dio but don’t expect him to flourish if you do! Zero is unique and has his own strengths that can be harnessed.


OnRPG: How will this new character stack up in PvP? Will he become a character that all the pro players would want to main?

SG: If you want a diverse, interesting character that has his unique fighting style and variable game play standards, then of course. But then again, it depends on what the player is looking for. In terms of popularity, the players are already clamoring about the “new character”, but like other variable-stance characters, the pros will have to take a step outside of their comfort zone to truly master Zero’s tricks.


OnRPG: Lastly: When will Zero become playable?

SG: Zero goes on Presale March 1st with a limited bundle which includes bonus items. Expect him to be playable March 8th!


OnRPG: Thank you for your time!

SG: It’s always a pleasure!

Be sure to check out the exclusive reveal trailer below!

Zero Trailer

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