OnRPG Exclusive: Realm of the Titans Interview

OnRPG Exclusive: Realm of the Titans Interview

Questions by Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist

Answers by Travis Hawk, Associate Producer at Aeria Games


OnRPG: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk to you guys. We know you have been busy in preparation for the game’s beta but before that your site has been scant with details on what Realm of Titans is about so can you give us a brief preview on what it is?


Realm of the Titans is strategic team PvP combat where scores of players clash in heated battles as they vie for control of the map. Teams begin warfare from opposite corners, and then must fight their way across the expansive terrain for ultimate control of the map. A key component to victory in is a cleverly balanced team. Choose many heroes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Only through cooperative teamwork and strategic combat can players dominate the map in the Realm of the Titans.

Realm of the Titans Interview


OnRPG: Would it be safe to assume that Realm of the Titans is similar to Heroes of Newerth, DotA or even League of Legends?What can you say is the difference between the Realm of the Titans compared to the rest?


Realm of the Titans will feel familiar to players of Heroes of Newerth, DotA, and League of Legends, but it is not a copy of any of them. Some of the small differences are map layout changes, size of map, and new UI. Some of the larger differences include unique heroes, our Boss system, improved AI, and a utility skill system that lets players bolster their strategies and play styles throughout the game. We plan on taking the game in a different direction than HoN or LoL within the genre.

OnRPG: What features (aside from the ones posted on your site) does Realm of the Titans have?


Additional features include the popular DotA tactic known as “deny”, where players can deny experience and gold to enemies. Spacious inventories and a new “Recommended Items” feature enhance and streamline your shop experience. There will be more features in the future but this is all we can release at this time, but do believe we love to hear from the players in our forums and are almost always listening to what suggestions they have to offer.

Realm of the Titans Interview

OnRPG: What exclusive features does Realm of the Titans have that you can say can pique the interest of your players?


Just like we stated above there will be many features we plan to release in the future, but for now we are listening to what the players have to say. Just like Realm of the Titans was developed by gamers we feel that providing player mentality is essential in gameplay creation.


OnRPG: Is RotT a purely competitive arena-strategy game or will you provide back stories or even a semblance of any lore-creating features that other games have?


Realm of the Titans isn’t just a competitive arena-strategy game inside a vacuum. All of the characters in the game are unique and have a personality and back story to go with it. Gameplay is always our main focus, but we feel that having stories about each character help players connect and recognize those characters faster.


OnRPG: Will you be regularly updating the hero roster like LoL or HoN?

Yes, we will regularly be adding new heroes and items to Realm of the Titans.


Realm of the Titans Interview

OnRPG: How many Maps does the game have right now? 

So far we don’t have a set amount of maps and features to unveil at this time.


OnRPG: Will you guys be constantly tweaking and updating the maps?

Balance is very important to us and something we will be monitoring closely. This doesn’t just mean hero balance either. We will be monitoring the gameplay that player’s experience on our maps and see how fun it is and in what ways we can improve that gameplay.


OnRPG: You guys mentioned about “Bosses” that players may unlock, can you elaborate on that?


Games in this genre typically have one big monster that teams can engage that is in neutral territory. Realm of the Titans is changing it up. Each team will have two bosses on their sides. A team can release their boss by defeating the corresponding enemy boss. This is no easy feat as the enemy boss is behind enemy lines. If a team manages to pull off this feat they will release their team’s boss up their middle lane to help destroy the enemy base.


Realm of the Titans Interview


OnRPG: Will the game follow the usual route of players conquering the other side by eliminating the tower defenses and destroying the main base of the opponent? Or will you be adding more “battle features” that other similar games did not do?


The original map for Realm of the Titans features the standard 5v5 gameplay that players will be familiar with. We are looking to expand gameplay in new and fun ways. We feel that the genre is still in its fledgling state and there is a lot of room to grow.

OnRPG: on the site you mentioned that you guys are Pro DotA players, how do you think that assists in developing a game like RotT?


Having vast knowledge of the games genre helps us during development a lot. It allows us to understand the game from the players perspective and just like we stated above we do keep the players mentality in mind when working on the development of the title.


OnRPG: Thank you again for giving us the time to talk to you guys. Can you give our readers an idea when the Beta test will launch? And what’s in store for players who successfully become part of the beta test?


Players interested in the beta testing should keep an eye on the official website for further details!

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