OnRPG looks at the MMORPG’s of E3

OnRPG looks at the MMORPG’s of E3
Blogpost by Tully Ackland, OnRPG Journalist
Originally posted on Tully’s blog XPedition


This year E3 has really re-established itself as the mayor global video games show. There have been a couple of interesting announcements about our field: MMORPGs! Fresh OnRPG journalist Tully Ackland tells us what he thinks of the bigger MMORPG’s of this year’s E3.


Final Fantasy XIV Online

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 - Play it on your PC or your PS3

Final Fantasy makes its reappearance to the MMO Market and with it shows major influences from such competitors as World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and my most familiar Warhammer Online. From initial information we can see that Square have really changed their view on the MMO market now allowing the solo gamestyle to be a viable way in playing the game – compared to that of FF11 where soloing was almost an impossibility.


It’s been announced that the game won’t feature a typical experience point level based progression but instead focuses on job and skill based progression. Leveling up the use of swords and maces individually for example.


Like their previous title, the game will feature cross platform support. I think for the first time in my life, I’ll take the jump and be picking this up on the PS3 instead of the PC.



Warhammer 40k Online

Vigil Games

Warhammer 40k - WAR in the future!

We are looking at Warhammer Online in 40k mode! This trailer emphasizes the fantastic artwork behind a Games Workshop product, a seemingly powerful engine and a FPS RPG type gameplay. Right now there’s not much we can do but speculate on how this will turn out, what’s clear is that there are playable orks and Chaos as the forces of Destruction and Imperium and Eldar as the forces of Order.


Will we be able to play an imperial guard? If so do we control 4 units at the same time instead of a single space marine? With a set release date of 2012 we have a long wait before we’ll see the fruits of this game. However with Vigil being related to THQ and the longrunning successful Dawn of War franchise you can’t help but have high expectations.



GuildWars 2


Guild Wars 2 - Set to improve upon the original

Although they were not present at E3, I want to include it in this overview. The original Guild Wars was a masterpiece and dramatically helped shape some key design features we now take for advantage in current day MMORPG’s, Guild Wars 2 sets to improve upon the original by offering more impressive visuals and an advanced campaign.


In my eyes however the primary element of Guild Wars has not been altered and the combat seems to be the same. With the advancements in combat that other games are bringing to this genre Guild Wars needs to step up their game if they want to draw in the hard core crowds. However let’s be honest, if they run the same free to play method as they did previously, that won’t be an issue for revenue.



Starwars: The Old Republic

EA Bioware

Starwars The Old Republic - Perhaps the most hyped MMO in development

Could this be the most hyped MMO in development? TOR is sporting the elements that make all Bioware games brilliant and focuses around the players’ advancement through their own personal journey. With more and more information coming each month and word that each character will have their own ship this already puts the game in a better light than my time with Starwars Galaxies.


I’ll be making a Bounty Hunter day one, that’s for sure.



Jumpgate Evolution

Gazillion Entertainment

Perhaps the most hyped MMO in development

I wanted to love EVE and Star Trek Online, really I did. However I felt incapable because of the mode in which they portray you as a “captain”. I want to be in direct control of my ship with my finger on the trigger ready to strafe left and right to avoid incoming fire not sat back watching my ship rotate at 500m from my target while it autofires.


This is where Jumpgate Evolution comes in, blows things up and puts you in the seat, and I’m so hyped that this year we’ll most likely have it in our fingers. Jumpgate offering a challenging and skill based combat system while still allowing first day players to be fighting a long side veterans and the inclusion of a three faction system could make this game an instant hit. Can’t wait to see more. Pewpew!



Tera Online

Bluehole Studios

Tera - The Surprise MMO of E3

This game caught me by surprise, this trailer put The Exiled Realm of Arborea or TERA as it’s commonly known as my “One to Watch” for 2010. The game revolves around PvE primarily but also offers intense Player vs Player action much like that of Age of Conan’s guild battles. Apart from the obvious frantic combat thats shown what intrigues me the most is the announced class and race list.


The game looks stunning; the only thing that could destroy its position for me would be the announcement of a deleveling penalty for death.


We’ll update you if and when more MMORPG news, including some announcements from the Free to Play publishers, becomes available!






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