ONRPG Q&A: Gods War Online Part 2

Questions by Brian Perry Jr., Onrpg Journalist
Answers by Yii. Ting, Lead Designer

Onrpg: What are the classes that will be available in Gods War, and what does each one do?

Yii Ting: You don’t need to choose a race in Gods war, but there are two categories of class which are warrior and mage, so the players will start with a warrior or a mage, but during the game players are able to choose some other class.

Onrpg: How are you explaining magic in the Gods War universe?

Yii Ting: In game, the player possesses skill and magic. The former is a passive ability, which affects the basic ability of player and owns rank attribute that can be upgraded along with the upgrade of skill proficiency. But the latter is an active one, which can be used to attack or spring certain things.

Onrpg: Can you share any of the mythological creatures
we can look forward fighting against?
Yii Ting: Lots of well-known Greek mythological monsters exist in game, such as Medusa, Cerberus, Hydra, Cyclops, Centaur, Satyr and so on. Players can even challenge some gods. In game there are two hostile polises: Athens and Sparta. Players can join one of them and fight for it. The players who defeat opponents will not be punished but awarded. The game also bears Siege War. A mass of neutral cities can be taken up under the efforts of every player in polis. Besides, the game encourages the players of the same polis to take PVE. 

Onrpg: Why was the decision made to use the cute style of animation instead of a realistic one?
Yii Ting: After all, Greek mythology exists in mythological world; no one knows what it is exactly like. We chose a fresh and lovely way to describe the world and tell the Greek mythology by narrating a fairy tale.

Onrpg: Raiding (usually 10-45 player encounters) has become such a focal point of MMORPGs lately. Will Gods war have raids, and if not how will the players who reach the level limit keep occupied?

Yii Ting: Gods War also have Raid and there are a large number of instances. Players have to team up to explore and fight in many instances, but small groups are encouraged, for large raid is difficult to organize and has limited individual pleasure.

Onrpg: Will there be PvP? If so, how will it be handled in game?
Yii Ting: PvP is an important part of Gods War in the form of PVP between Polis. Players of the same polis are not allowed PvP. What we expect is the high probability of PvP among players from different polises.

Onrpg: What is a Lead Designer’s job?

Yii Ting: Lead Designer who is the specific game designer always develops the basic framework of the game, tracks the design and leads the Designer Team to produce on the relevant resources. Designer is not a team to create ideas, but a team of production. They need to find an optimal design and produce a variety of resources, such as programming, making maps with editor, and so on. 

Onrpg: How did you get your position?
Yii Ting: I have started my career in game producing field since my college and then I practiced and learned a lot from the projects like Age of stone, Elysium and UE Online. With these relevant knowledge and experience, I get the current position. So I believe it is very important for a game developer to accumulate necessary knowledge and experience in game field.

Onrpg: Do you have any advice for those who want to be the lead designer for a game company?
Yii Ting: On one hand, you should accumulate all kinds of information. A Lead Designer demands wealth of knowledge and relative game development technical. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate knowledge of art and procedure development. The game designers should analyze the game, rather than play it, give objective evaluation on a detail and think about the advantages and disadvantages when making a set. In fact, a designer is to put forward a concept and transform it into an executable program, then evaluate and correct it constantly. The other hand, to become an excellent Designer, you should have strong communication ability which can help you to convey what you design to your partner. It is a good way to improve this ability by communicating with strangers actively.

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